August 23, 2011

Shoulder update

Good afternoon:) I spoke to my family doctor about the xrays he had done yesterday. The wet read shows some changes (good/bad? they didn't say) since my last set several months after my surgery in 2008 to remove part of my collar tomorrow afternoon I am off to see the surgeon who did that original surgery. We will see where we go from there.

Not a few days ago I was bemoaning re-evaluating my priorties....Guess G-d decided that I had put it off for too long. Forcing me to slow down is one way to get my attention.

On a not so funny note....Vicodin is nasty stuff, and I won't be taking any more of it. Spent the whole day being sick from one dose this morning. NO way!

On a funny note....ever notice how many words you spell using only one side of the keyboard (the left side)? Try putting your right hand behind your back and write a few simple sentences...see told ya'!

Off to lay down and give the shoulder a rest.

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