September 17, 2011

Colds and Addictions

Thanks to my son's sinus/ear infection fiasco of last week, I am now suffering from a head cold. Not a "can't do anything" cold, yet. But the constant annoyance of my head being foggy from stuffiness, and lots of tissues. Add to that the fact that someone, somewhere flipped a switch and we have gotten drastically colder in the last few days. Like, last week we were 85, this week barely 60 during the day, and last night we dropped to 30. Wowsers, that was quick!

Now on to the addictions....yes, I have a few lol. My latest is Pinterest. An online friend invited me a few months ago, but with being so busy at work, I hadn't had a chance to really jump in with both feet. That has changed since I am home with the shoulder. Really, I shouldn't be on it so much, but my ADD brain is loving seeing things that I might not have found myself. Things like these.

Oh my goodness! Can we say inspiration? I will probably never make all of these, but boy is it good to look at:)

My current project involves this:

This is my 28" knitting board with a lapghan almost done on it. I have found that my laptop stand works perfectly for holding it while I work on it one handed. There is a slight lip on the edge of the laptop stand, that tips up. If I position the knitting board against this slightly, it puts it at the right angle to be able to easily remove my stitches. I thought it would take eons to do this, but it has only taken about 3 weeks. I love the double knit, it is so soft and fluffy, even with crappy yarn you can't lose.

I hadn't figured out who was going to get this, until this morning. My grandmother's cousin, lovingly called Aunt Ag by all us kids, has been in a nursing home since last year after a bad fall. I wanted to go visit her in the next week or so, since I haven't been up in way too long. I think I will give her this after I put a border on it with crochet, as an early Christmas present. She sits a lot in a recliner during the day, and this will be the perfect fit for her lap:). She helped raise me, babysitting for my parents while they worked. She is a wonderful lady, and I miss seeing her more often. Must correct that.

I also snagged a piece of wood from my father, that I am going to get him to cut into two pieces for me, so that I can make a smaller loom for making the kids winter hats on. I bought the paneling nails at Home Depot yesterday for just under $2. I will measure out the spacing, and get my 15yo to help me put the nails in and make sure they are all level. A couple small blocks of wood on either end as spacers, and it will be ready to go. Can't wait!

I also am reading up on how to convert traditional needle knit patterns, so that maybe I can graduate to making something like sweaters on the knitting board. I want to do more than flat panel projects.

Ok, off to get this project off the board and start the border. It's a good day for it. Staying inside with hot coffee and a movie or two.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, Stephanie! I just found you again through your comment on my blog. I was wondering why I couldn't make contact with you via your old blog name anymore.

    So, so sorry to learn that you reinjured your shoulder/arm. Being the active, wanna-get-things-done gal you are, I know it is SO hard to remember your limitations. Sending thoughts your way for quick healing and easier times ahead for you. Hugs.

  2. It's ok Mama Pea, I sort of just felt like changing it again...not the best for my followers:P So glad to have you back:)
    Thanks for the well wishes on the shoulder. It is what it is, and I should have known better. You know how that goes though. Am loving the updates on your renovations, keep up the good work, but make sure to get some rest too!

  3. What a neat website. And I love the idea of a knitting board too. That's one gadget I haven't tried but would love to. I do hope you're on the mend and feeling better soon.

  4. I started out with the Knifty Knitter looms you can buy at most craft stores, but didn't like the way the items came out. That is when I discovered the knitting boards. You can buy them at their site, or most JoAnn's fabric stores carry them. This particular one sells for about $50, but with the 40% off coupon, was able to get a really good deal on it. Their website has great videos that got me started.
    Thanks for the well wishes Leigh, I am holding my own.