September 3, 2011

A Lay Low Kind of Day

Today is going to be a "take it easy" day. Yesterday Mom and I went shopping, in hopes of avoiding all the holiday traffic. The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, with the intense flare up of the CRPS. Dealing with the pain, the meds, the doctors, and all that goes with it. I am worn out.

Mom and I hit Salvation Army first, as she needs new clothes. The meds they have her on since she had her stent put in back in May are causing her to gain weight. She is not happy about it, but was able to pick up a large bag of clothes for only $20. I was able to find 4 flannel shirts for the boys, and because of the color of tags on sale that day, only paid $8.49 for all 4. Score! I was done shopping in like 10 minutes, and not taking any pain meds, I had to rest. I left Mom in the store and went and sat in the truck until she was done.

We then headed to the grocery store to tackle that project. Again, I spent well, getting almost 2 weeks of groceries for $114. I am always done that chore before Mom too, and went and sat in the truck for a good 20 minutes, resting before I headed into the store to see if she was done. I seemed to have timed my checkout perfectly, getting out fairly quickly. She wasn't so lucky, as everyone else seemed to be checking out at the same time. It took us 30 minutes of waiting in line to get her stuff done and paid for.

The next stop was across the street to the drug store. Luckily that was a fairly quick stop. Mom got her meds, I got Tom's prescription....Second day in school, and he picked up pink eye in both eyes. Grrrr.

Then it was back to her house to unload her groceries. Tom and I headed home and he brought in our stuff. He helped me get the frozen and fridge stuff put away, then I did a bit of reading on the computer. I took my demeral, and by 2:30 was ready for a nap.

It was a quiet night, Sam getting out of work at 6, and the kids all just chilling watching tv and playing video games.

Today I woke at 4:30....way too early, but the shoulder and arm were screaming. The past week has been nothing but tremors and muscle spasms. My wrist has been pulling my hand inward, despite steps to make it relax. Today the arm is just dead...worn out from the muscle spasms. I am actually glad for it. It means it will be a bit less painful. Not a lot, but I will take what I can get.

Joe is still feeling badly about the fact that his canoe was involved in this. I keep reassuring him that it wasn't his was mine. I should have known better than to try lifting the canoe onto the truck. But when you go for months feeling pretty good, you do things you probably shouldn't lol. Be honest, how many times have you done it yourself? Too many probably.

So today will be spent quietly, a lot of it napping. I will watch tv, maybe a movie or two on Netflix, and just rest my body and mind. I need it after yesterday's busyness. I need to let my mind rest too.

I hope you all have a safe holiday weekend and get to enjoy time with your families.

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