September 14, 2011

Look Ma!

Yesterday, Tom (who was home from school sick) helped me pull the last of the tomatoes from the garden and then take the plants and put them on the compost pile out back. This is what we got:

Can we say.....sighhhhhhhhhhh. More green tomatoes! I would be sinking or swimming in green tomatoes, thus the reason for pulling the plants.

Fast forward to today, I was out in the garage looking for something in the tool bucket, and caught the paper bag out of the corner of my eye. I had Tom put it out there 3 weeks ago. Full of green tomatoes. I totally forgot it was there and figured that I would have to chuck them straight to the dump. I mean, really? How long will green tomatoes last?

Apparently a long time! This is what I had after I pulled them from the bag:

Two whole gallon freezer bags full of RED tomatoes! Yes, you heard me....RED!!! I had tried the paper bag trick before and it didn't work. They ended up going bad. I even tried the apple trick in the bag, with no luck. Apparently my garage has magic powers lol.

I am not going to question it if I get some sauce out of these. I threw some more of the green ones from yesterday in the bag and put it back out in the garage...maybe I will have the same luck!

We had a delicious pan of fresh green beans from the garden yesterday at dinner. I think I might get one more panful of those before the plants are done for the year.

I am just tickled pink....errrrr...RED!!


  1. And boy are they red! What a delightful surprise. I'm so glad to hear it can be done! I've only had moderate luck ripening green tomatoes.

  2. Yes, I can't tell you what a happy surprise it was Leigh! I am hoping it continues, despite our temps dropping drastically in the last day or so.