September 21, 2011

My Bowl Runeth Over :)

How amazing is that picture! There is something just magical about going to the garden, even this late in the season, and finding a treasure:). To know that your hands and care brought forth yummy food for your family. I get excited every single time I gather a new bounty, no matter how large or small.

Some of these are really large, some itty bitty, and about 20 didn't make it into the bowl because it just would have been a waste to cut them. I am getting ready to wash these up, and then get them ready for the freezer. I don't like carrots, but will eat them. My two oldest love carrots, so these were planted for them.

The green bean plants are just about shot. I did get a handful of beans from them today, but I think that will be it. With temps dropping last week into the 30's at night, and the new bugs (didn't have issues all summer, suddenly they are coming out in droves, eating the plants and beans), I will pull the plants and get ready to cover the garden bed for the winter.

Lately some online friends have been sharing some amazing links on Facebook, Pinterest, and their blogs. I thought I would pass on the ones that struck my fancy, peaked my education interest, or were just downright cool. Enjoy!

Homemade Crackers - three recipes (cheese, buttery, and graham). YUM!

Build A Moveable Chicken Coop - an excerpt of a book on Mother Earth News. Make sure to look at the image gallery with this article to see the pictures of the actual coop. The picture on the main page is of the cover of the book.

Busy Bee Kids Crafts
- My kids are too old for these, but my grandbabies aren't. Some fabulous ideas, and she includes free printables where needed.

One Piece Sweater for Baby/Toddler - my fellow link enabler, Deanna, shared this lady's site yesterday, and I fell in love with this sweater!

Free Canning App - for both Iphone/Ipad and Android, another goodie from Mother Earth News. I downloaded it for my Android yesterday and can't wait to play with it:)

How To Farm with Epsom Salts
- I don't know if this works, but it sounds interesting, and I think I might give it a try. I especially like that you can use it to make a bug deterrent that isn't full of chemicals.

How To Wire Your Off-Grid Cabin with 12 volt Lights - This was a whole conversation on Facebook last night, and how to take it further to be able to run more than lights. But this is a good intro. I might consider something like this in the future for power outages. Wheels are turning:)

Ok, that should keep you busy for a bit. Enjoy the reading!


  1. You have such an inquisitive mind and zest for life! Just wanted to say that I sure would like to see you get the homestead you dream of for you and your kids. You'd enjoy it so much, I know!

    P.S. Plus you're not afraid of hard work which is sometimes required!

  2. Thank you so much Mama Pea! I have my down days, but I can't let it keep me there too long. I would never get anywhere in life. And yes, I drive my mother nuts with my "inquisitive mind"...always asking questions, reading books, trying soak up as much information as I could on anything that interested me.

  3. There is something about root crops especially, which really makes them fun to harvest. Your carrots look really good! Looks like some great links to explore too!

  4. Yes Leigh! Sort of like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning lol:) Thank you!