September 19, 2011

The Nose Knows

My nose knows that I seem to think it is a burden for some reason...that or it shouldn't be sticking out so far on my face. In all honesty, I have a very short nose, and my brothers used to make fun of me. When I would get mad, I would stomp away, with my head up a bit. They always said if I went out in a rain storm, I would drown lol.

Well it seems I have been having issues with my nose the last week (I know, like shoulder issues aren't enough to deal with!). Last Monday, after taking some heavy duty cold meds, I headed to bed. Apparently my brain was still really foggy the next morning when I got up at 5 a.m. My alarm clock is across the room (so I don't oversleep), right next to the bedroom door, which I CLOSE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This is key to remember.

I proceeded across the bedroom (stumbled is more like it), to shut the alarm off, and for whatever reason (I still blame it on the meds), I forgot the door was closed and walked smack into it! Nose first! Oh my, I felt like I broke it.

Fast forward a week, and several headaches later, it is still a bit tender to touch. Having to wear reading glasses for most everything I do doesn't help, since they sit right on that spot (remember, short nose, not much real estate for glasses).

This afternoon while outside talking to my 15yo in the backyard, I decided to grab the step stool and my weeding rake to see if I could get some more apples off the tree. Not my best idea, but it was working well. Swipe at apples so they flew in the opposite direction. Check.

Then it happened.....I felt like I was losing my balance on the step stool, so grabbed the nearest branch.......which in turn caused an apple to come off another branch. And what do you think my brain decided to do?

Yep, it told me to look up. SMACK! An apple right on the bridge of my nose, full force, in the same spot as last week's door incident. It hurts, but at the same time it is too funny!

I said sort of to myself "Only in my world". My 15yo stopped shooting his bb gun long enough to say "huh". I told him what I said, and why. "Oh" he said, and proceeded with his target practice.

Such is the life of a klutz!


  1. Poor you! And your poor nose! You need to go take a long break. :)

  2. LOL Leigh, maybe a body cast and sit me in a corner would be the better option:)