September 8, 2011

Of Skunks...and other happenings

It was a good weekend for the most part here. We had sunshine (it's gone now, has been raining for 4 days), and spent time just hanging as a family. So where does the skunk fit in to all of this?

Joe's friend who lives down the street came over for a bit early Sunday evening. Joe, being the gentleman I raised him to be, walked her home around 9pm. That is when it happened. About a half hour later I went outside, smelled skunk, and said to myself "Ewww". At that moment, Joe came from around the corner of the garage, holding his own nose. "Mom, I got sprayed". My initial reaction was "No Way!" Then reality set in as I got closer to him. He told me he nearly threw up a few times himself, trying to get back to the house.

While I was less than impressed, he did save his friend from getting sprayed. What a kid! So I went and got him a towel, made him go into the garage and strip, and he proceeded to make his way to the bathroom. Even with his clothes outside, we had to open all the windows and turn on fans to air the stench out. It sprayed him from about the knees down, and it had already soaked into his skin quite a bit. PeeeUuuuu!

Waiting for him in the bathroom were a hot shower, and a very LARGE bottle of Dawn dishsoap. I also brought him in a bowl of baking soda to add to the scrubbing procedure. After about an hour, he was able to come out, fully dressed. We left the bathroom door closed all night, with the window open to air it out. Dawn and the baking soda did the trick, and he was able to return to school after the long holiday without any notice of what happened to him.

I cannot say the same for his clothes or the cell phone. The clothes have been sitting out on the tree stump by the driveway, in the pouring rain since Sunday. Yes I am a chicken, and do not want to wash them. I will today though. I wanted to get all the regular laundry done first. His cell is airing outside on the step, out of the weather. I tried putting it in rice, like you do for moisture, thinking it might absorb some of the smell, but no luck. I used baby wipes to clean it up as much as I could, and then decided it needed air....lots and lots of air. Hopefully he will be able to use it without smell in a day or two.

Other news on this sorta homestead...The shoulder and arm are about the same. They want me to have nerve testing on a specific nerve that comes off the scapula, so waiting on an appointment for that. I keep taking it one day at a time, and doing what I can, and swallowing my pride and asking for help when I need it.

I have an important phone call in about 1/2 an hour that is making me both nervous and excited. I watch a genealogy show online, that we don't get on our local cable show. I applied to be on the show. They emailed me the next day, asking me if I would be available for a phone call today. I am excited, that I might get the chance to do this. Not because it would put me on tv (that part terrifies me), but that I might be able to finally get past the road block in the Nichols part of the genealogy. One of the main focuses of the show (which will remain nameless for now), is that they try to find the "why" of your genealogy search, and how it will impact your life.

What is my "why"? Where do I come from. Seems simple enough, but with any family, there are intricacies to how things come about. Is a certain mindset ingrained in us by our family, or is it something we learned on our own. I see in my kids, certain traits that have to be inherited, there is no way they would have learned them due to circumstances. My youngest, when he kneels, crosses his ankles...just like my dad. He doesn't spend a lot of time with my dad, especially not when he was younger, when I first noticed this dad was away, working alot.

In the Nichols family, one of those is pride....pride in being a Nichols, and knowing where you come from. Problem with that is that none of us know much past my grandfather. We know my great grandfather's name, what he did for work in his life, and when he died. That's it. It is a great big wall in our quest to know where this pride in our family came from. I also want to know how he dealt with a disability that he never expected to happen to him...blindness. And like my CRPS, his was due to a workplace injury, so we have been told.

How did that impact his life? How did he feel about his 11yr old son going to work to support him, until he passed in 1940? How did he adjust?

Have a great day, and my prayers and thoughts go out to those in TX and OK who are dealing with those horrific wild fires.


  1. Skunk! Oh no. Poor Joe. That's a critter I hope we never see around here. Glad to know about the Dawn and baking soda. Good stuff Dawn. Will it work for the clothing?

    I didn't know there was a genealogy show online. Genealogy is another of my great interests, though not one I blog about. Would you be willing to give me the link?

  2. Good luck with that phone call! Genealogy is so amazing and interesting to me, I would love to spend more time researching it someday.

    And about the skunk? Kudos to Joe for saving his friend from getting sprayed, but I can totally understand him almost throwing up before he got in the house. Skunk smells totally different when its right underneath you, as we found out a few years ago when our dog killed one right under our deck. ICK! That smell is almost impossible to get rid of. :(

  3. Leigh, I think it did work on the clothes, have washed them twice and they seem ok. The show is called The Generations Project, produced by BYU. I changed my mind about doing it though....I will explain more in my next post why.

    Mama Tea, yes, it has to be the most putrid smell on the planet! I can't imagine it right under the deck! That must have taken some time to get rid of :(

  4. Are you still using Living Life on HIS Terms? I was just going through my reader and came to a supposed post there before coming here...but it looks as if someone has taken it over from you - the sidebar was all about celebrity news, which I KNOW is not what you post about! If that's not your blog anymore, I'll delete it from my list...but don't want to do that if you still post there.

  5. Tina, I switched to this name for the blog about a month ago. Sorry you didn't see the post on Facebook, must have gotten lost in all the new changes. This is the personal blog, then I also have the homeschool one. You can delete the other one.