September 13, 2011


Despite the shoulder I have some stuff I have to get done:) One of those is cleaning out the garage. Last October, we cleaned out the basement of all stuff we didn't want from our move. Where do you think it ended up?

Yep, the garage! Then, I cleaned out our book collection, and that also ended up in the garage. This past weekend we finally got rid of the 8 or so boxes of books. Our town dump has a "book shed"....a place where you can donate books for others to use, so they don't end up in the recycle bin. Many of mine were homeschool books....books on history, science, animals, etc. So off they went, since we aren't homeschooling anymore. We kept the kid's favorites, but I didn't need 3 bookcases of books.

Now we need to tackle the rest of the boxes, which will be going to the Salvation Army. There are about 10 or more. My daughter has been decluttering, and while I think that in itself is fabulous, she is not great about condensing it. Thus we have several half empty boxes out there. She will be working on condensing it all hopefully today. I want it out of the garage!

I am not sure how I am going to get the green monstrosity out of there...the old couch. It takes 4 to load it. My brother agreed to get rid of it on his burn pile by cutting it up, but he wants to cut it after we deliver the frame. Ughhh. That one might have to wait a bit.

I am praying to find an electric stove to put out in the garage. There is an outlet out there for it. I have a gas stove in the kitchen, but I am thinking if I get my homesteading license, and have the electric stove in the garage, we can cook more stuff, for sale:) Might not bring a lot in, but some:) I could also set the garage up as baking central, with shelves and a large table. Just sorta thinking out loud here, how we could bring in some extra money. I was also thinking it would make the perfect spot to maybe try my hand at making soap.

It is a finished garage, with sheetrock and paint on the walls. So once we got it clean, it would be perfect to use as an extra baking space.

Other plans on the agenda for this week:

-Pull the rest of the green tomatoes, and pull the tomato plants. I will be using this recipe to try my hand at relish this year, since none of my tomatoes ripened. I don't eat relish, but two of my kiddos do. Their father also likes it, as well as my father. So if it goes well, I doubt it will last long.

-We will leave the carrots in the ground for at least another month. When I pulled a carrot to check on their size last week, they are about 5 inches. Looking really good, but definitely want to let them go as long as I can before the ground freezes (wow, can't believe I am even talking about that so soon!).

-Looking at options for putting the garden to bed for the winter. Thinking that I may use the piles of last year's leaves that we put out back in the field, to help bed it down for the winter, and then cover with black plastic. I don't know if I will have the money to buy the supplies to make the hoop house like I wanted to do this winter. Time will tell.

-Samantha wants to try her hand at apple jelly. I think I will send her to our local pick-your-own next week to get some apples and we will give it a try. I am so grateful she wants to learn this stuff! And it comes in handy to have her two working, and healthy hands, since I am one handed at the moment to some extent.

What are your fall plans?

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