September 30, 2011

This and That

It's been a bit of a wonky week or so since I last posted. I am dealing with pretty bad muscle spasms due to the CRPS, so while I have great intentions in the early hours of the morning, by afternoon I am usually laying down for a bit, at least to rest my shoulder and try and ease up the headache, if I don't actually sleep.

I decided last week, since Tom was only put in public school because I took that job, that there is no reason for him to still be there now that I am home again. So, last Friday I pulled him out, and our first day was spent at the fair. Here are a few shots:

There are not NEARLY enough ag stuff for our tastes, like most fairs here in New England, they are too much about the midway now. But what they did have, we enjoyed.

I found out too late, that the Common Ground Fair in Maine, does a free day for homeschoolers. Next year we will be saving up our pennies for gas and such to go to that, maybe camp out one night. That is strictly an ag fair:).

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet here. Been doing a lot of baking, and babysat the grandbabies on Tuesday. Loved that, but boy do they wear me out:)

Hope you all have been having a good week!


  1. Love the photos! And I must say that I think the fair is much more educational than public school. I lament that our local fair has so little ag stuff too. The animals is a petting zoo, except for a poultry building with chickens, ducks, and rabbits for sale.

  2. Thanks Leigh! I agree that the more hands on stuff they can do, the better. This particular kiddo (my youngest at 13), has a real passion for animals, and like me, wants to have a farm. Someday:)