October 18, 2011

Just when you think..

Just when you think you have some things figured out, the game plan changes. But that is ok, because mentally, I am in a much better place than I was 2 weeks ago. I am still a bit stressed, but since all I can do is the best I am able, I have to give it all to G-d, and see what happens.

So what have we been up to? I decided that the only reason that Tom was in public school was due to my taking the job back in February. Since that was no longer there, I decided to bring him home. He was less than impressed. There has been some grumbling, but I was able to connect with some homeschoolers in my town, and we will be getting together with them each week for science and to hang out. One of the moms has a son Tom's age, so that is perfect, and they only live 10 minutes from us. He needs a close friend, so hope it works out.

On the job front, Samantha's work at the little grocery store is not long for this world I think. It's rough, we were counting on that $400 or so a month. They dropped her down to just weekends recently, and then without notice, dropped her to just one day. Not good when there are bills to pay. She and I will be sitting down and looking at help wanted ads, seeing what we can brainstorm for her.

As for me, despite the doctors saying I can't work at an outside job, I have decided to take things into my own hands and try to find work that I can do from home. This way I can take the breaks I need for the shoulder, and even a nap if necessary (sadly sometimes very necessary lol). I think it will end up being a mix of things....my main goal is to finally get my administrative consultant business off the ground. I bought my domain name a few months ago, but because I was out straight with the job, wasn't able to do much with it. Now I am learning what I need to, in order to get my site up and running. Nothing fancy, but even if I only got one or two clients on a small retainer plan, it would cover the basics for us.

I have also been doing a lot of crocheting lately. Sometimes it may take me a bit, with the wonky shoulder, but I am not doing bad. And I am open to selling the things I make if it helps bring in more income. Here are the things I have finished in the last 2 weeks:

Baby blanket for a friend of my oldest daugter

Doily made from crochet cotton

Toddler Sweater that I finished today

And just when I thought I solved the issue with the former co-worker that is doing things that are spiteful, in her warped belief that I some how did something "TO" her when I left the job due to my shoulder......she strikes again. My mother asked me to look into her account, because for a second month in a row, mysterious new charges are showing up, saying she owes double what she does. I did a little digging, using another district office, and found out that the former co-worker is doing it. I believe out of spite. It is one thing to go after me, but to go after my parents is just flat out wrong.

I have emailed my former boss, in the hopes of getting this straightened out. He will never put his foot down and discipline her, but maybe if he sees what she is doing, he can at least put a stop to it. If not, I am not sure what we will do. It's pretty late in the year to switch service to another company, and with her spiteful mode lately, I doubt either of us would get full credit for what is left in the tanks, like we are supposed to. Unless of course I could get my old boss to put the work orders in. That might be an option. I just don't know right now. She is an issue I wasn't planning on cropping up right now.

But the best thing I can do for that situation is the same thing I am doing for everything else...praying. Not only that the situation would resolve itself, but that G-d would change her heart. Time will tell. Maybe she will just get bored or distracted, and move on. That would be nice too.

I hope you all are having a great fall so far! :)


  1. Working from home sounds like a perfect plan! I do hope it goes well for you. And that something will turn up for your daughter. What your former co-worker is doing is actually illegal. Would it be possible to contact the states attorney general?

    You have been amazing productive with your crocheting! Your work is lovely.

  2. Thanks Leigh:) I am praying a lot on both mine and my daughter's situations, and putting a lot of hard work in on it.

    As for the co-worker, doubt that would get my much .... Except no gas to heat my home for the winter. I really can't afford to switch companies at the moment, maybe a few months down the road when I get taxes back. I will also pay if I have to, to help get my parent's switched as well.

    The company itself is good, but this person is horrific, and I don't understand how they let her keep getting away with it.

  3. I do so admire your wonderful attitude and ability to continually look on the bright side when the load you carry is so heavy. Don't know about your other readers, but you make me want to shape up and be a better person. I know that sounds so trite and cliche but I sincerely mean it.

    Your former co-worker is not operating with a full deck which, of course, makes it impossible to deal with her in a rational way. Leigh is right; she is breaking the law. Perhaps if this was pointed out to her boss, he might choose to make sure she mends her ways? It could ultimately get him in BIG trouble if her shenanigans continue.

    You sure are talented with your crochet needle. Lovely! The blue toddler sweater is adorable.

  4. Aww Mama Pea, don't know what to say. I sure don't feel that way most days, but thank you so much!

  5. One thing to consider is that if she's doing it to you and your mother, it's not unthinkable that she has / is / will do it to others. Prayerfully consider your actions because they may have an impact on others who may fall victim. And, complaints to the attorney general are confidential. Just sayin'

  6. I have been thinking about it Leigh:) Unfortunately, even if it is anonymous, I believe she and my former supervisor will know who did it. I am planning on doing something in the spring, when I can change gas companies. I just don't trust her to make sure I have heat for my kids for the winter, if you know what I mean.