November 1, 2011


I have tried various bread recipes....Fanny Farmer, Betty Crocker, King Arthur, and all lack something. Not sure what it is....some were too dry and crumbly, some just didn't taste right. But I think I have stumbled on the best bread recipe! And it came out fabulous...texture is right, taste is right, stores well.
Where did I find this fabulous recipe? Suzanne over at Chickens in the Road. You can find the bread recipe here. What surprised me is that there is no butter or oil, yet it comes out with a great soft texture. Here is what it looked like fresh out of the pan:

Does that look yummy or what!? We ate nearly half of the first loaf with dinner that night. The next day I sliced what was left of that and the 2nd loaf, for sandwiches and toast. I was blessed (smart maybe?) to buy a meat slicer from Amazon, about 8 years ago. It's nothing fancy, but I didn't need fancy. I needed a way to slice my homemade bread. Nothing annoys me more than having bread for sandwiches and one piece is thicker than the other. Yes, I know there are worse problems in the world. I also didn't like the way the loaf would squish down when trying to cut it with a knife. The slicer works a treat!

If you have never been to Chickens in the Road's site, I highly recommend you do! And check out all the amazing recipes in the Farm Bell Recipes area.

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