November 12, 2011

This and that

Ahhh, Saturday take a nap or not? That is the question :) It's been a quiet week here, thankfully. It was extremely warm earlier, in the low 60's, which is a blessing when you are trying to conserve heat. I soaked it up for all it was worth, which was a good thing, since by Friday we had horrendous northwest winds blowing in from Canada. They said it got to 55 yesterday, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes that. With the constant wind of 40+ mph all day, it didn't feel like it ever got out of the 30's.

I am getting ready to send in my paperwork to be recertified for assistance from DHHS. Prayers appreciated, as I am going to ask for some extra financial help to cover the basic bills. I think we do fairly well, for a family of 4. With my assistance from LIHEAP, my electric bill averages $50-$60/mo, which is amazing in this state (we have some of the highest electric rates in the country). We had cable turned off, and now get just internet, at a cost of $55/mo. I cannot give that up....we use all free resources to homeschool, and I am trying to get a business off the ground, so the internet is vital. The only other expense we have is my cell phone, which is $88/mo. Yes a bit high, but I got into a 2 yr contract when I was still at my job, to help rebuild my credit. I needed to have something I paid monthly, in order to get my credit score over a bit of a plateau. Unfortunately, that $88 is hard to come by with my daughter's hours getting cut at work. She is job hunting like mad, but nothing yet.

Add those expenses, along with another $50 or so for things like toilet paper, soap, etc. And it amounts to about $300. Not bad at all for a family of 4. My SSDI and child support just cover rent. Just.

I don't like asking for assistance...I want to do it on my own, but that is unrealistic at this point, and my children depend on me. So for now I accept the help.

Now if anyone in the local area would come through with a 2nd hand mobile home, I would still need help, but not nearly as much. I wouldn't have rent to pay. All my money other than monthly expenses would go to putting in a septic, well, and foundation on my land for said mobile home. I scour Craigslist every day or so, looking for something under $3000, or even, G-d I also scour for possibilities down south. I am more convinced the kids do not want to go, but frankly if I found the right opportunity, I would put my foot down. I am the parent after all. They wouldn't like me for awhile, but I have to be able to take care of them.

Tom and I spent some time with two homeschool moms and their kids on Thursday. We had a great time making Non-Newtonian fluid for a science experiment. I really connect with one of the moms, moreso than the other, but they are both very nice. We will be getting together with them again this week, going to one of the other mom's homes.

I thought we were finally over the cold crud that has been here for weeks. Sam's lungs are finally clearing up, my infected eye is all better, and Tom seemed not to get it all. Then it hit Thursday...Joe has the swollen glands, sore throat, and a small fever. He has been taking it easy, and missed the veteran's ceremony yesterday that he was supposed to participate in for ROTC. But such as life. He hardly ever gets sick, so for him to complain tells you something.

I am still in a situation with the gas for heat. I recently sent an email to my former boss, giving him permission to put $50 on my account, and asked for a delivery. I have yet to hear from him, haven't had a delivery, and received a letter from the new girl in the office, stating that I cannot have any more deliveries because my balance is 60 days past due. I owe like $50, maybe. So I have decided to change gas companies before my appointment this week with fuel assistance. I thought I had one lined up, but like my former employer, they are a large company, and after a promised phone call from the person I spoke to....3 voicemails from me to her, and no response, I think I will move on to the next company on the list...a more local company. I am not playing games with anyone on kids need heat. Period.

I have been blessed to be in contact with some Torah observant people in a group online, and am learning a lot. I haven't been great in my studies, but desperately feel the need to get back to them. The last group of people I was studying with were well off the mark, and professed too much "conspiracy theory" stuff for my tastes. This group is so much more level headed, and gave me some great resources for study. Praying it is a right fit, as there are no TO people in this area, so my only source of connection for like minded people is online.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

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