December 23, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday Mom and I went Christmas shopping. For her it was to finish up with a few little things, for me it was to start and finish. It's been tight for everyone this year, and I am no different. I had to wait till there was some cash in the bank in order to actually buy anything.

Our first stop was Saver's. This is a store similar to a Goodwill. I love this store, because unlike Goodwill or Salvation Army, instead of just a slip for your taxes, when you donate to Saver's, you get a card for 15% off in the store as well. I didn't have a card this time, but I usually have good luck shopping there, finding what I want.

My kids are book hoarders. It's my own fault :) And I gladly take the blame for this one. Ever since they were little, they got a book for every holiday. Some of our best finds have been second hand books. Saver's was a huge blessing last year for this present, but not this year. They didn't have anything that would have interested the kids.

Then we hit both the 5 and Below store, which is fairly new (been in about a year), and Big Lots. All totaled I spent $48 for all 3 kids. They will each get 3 presents, and then I will be putting some sweets in their stockings. Not too bad. About what I expected, and about what I do every year.

The only disappointment will be the "no book" situation. I will have to remedy that come tax time. It just doesn't feel right to not have "new to us" books to read. It's such a simple thing, a book, but in this house, to most of us, books matter more than things like video games and such (I say some, because my 14yo is definitely not in this category lol).

It's going to be a blessed Christmas, even though I am not really in the "spirit". It's not about being low on money, or not having a lot. That is always how it is when you are a single mom. It's just feels different this year, maybe because the kids are all getting older, and the time that I thought I had with them before they move out is moving by at a break neck speed.

That's ok though, I am seeing the fruits of all my hard work in my oldest. She has been staying in a town about 15 miles away, with her boyfriend's family. It makes it easier to get to work, but I also think she is trying to work me up to her officially moving out. It's quiet when she isn't here. That isn't a bad thing necessarily, as I don't have to listen to the constant back and forth that goes on when she is here (every conversation is a debate with her brothers lol). It just makes me realize that all those years when they were toddlers, and I said I couldn't wait till they got older, and could do more for themselves, was time that has flown by.

I am proud of her, she is a strong and independent person in many ways. I know she listened more than she let on most times over the years when I tried to teach her right from wrong. And it's her turn to test the waters, see what she can do on her own. I will always be here for her if she stumbles. And I am sure she will, we all do.

Now if I can adjust to partial empty nest before the boys start flying the coop in a couple years I should be able to keep my sanity lol.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with your families, and if they cannot be with you over the holidays, I pray that you get to at least talk to them. Family matters more than anything.


  1. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for dropping by Modern Day Redneck and hitting the join button. I like your blog and now a member of yours as well.
    I posted a little welcome post to introduce you and promote your blog.

    Thanks again,

  2. Good for you. I wish more parents blessed their children with books.

  3. Gosh, Stephanie, what a lovely, gentle holiday post! I can feel your inner strength and serenity flowing through your words. Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas. Thank you for your post.

  4. Thanks MDR:) Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

  5. Thanks so much Mama Pea! Merry Christmas to you, Papa Pea, and Chicken Mama!!

  6. I had a empty nest once,oh,I forgot that was in a past life,here ,everyone is still sticking around,have a nice Christmas new friend

  7. LOL don't feel bad Judy, I did that to my parents a few times over the years. Merry Christmas!!

  8. I'd not heard of Savers; sadly there isn't one within 50 miles of me anyway. :( I do love Big Lots, but there's not one of those close to me either. I found some nice little gifts at Dollar Tree, but I notice quality varies from store to store. I love your book tradition. I agree, so much better than video games. And yes, watching them leave the nest is bittersweet. Sounds like you have a good arrangement there though.

    Wishing you a very sweet and blessed Christmas!

  9. Oh if you get a Saver's near you, it's definitely worth it to check it out. I agree with you about Dollar Tree, I have two within 20 miles of me (in opposite directions of course lol). I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!