December 1, 2011

The Crud Has Returned

We are sick again :( Not deathly ill, so I am grateful for that, but the "crud" that was running through all of us a month ago is back. It started with Joe having some congestion (like his father, he never tells me these things until it is worse)...he is now coughing again, and half of his throat is swollen so that it looks like he has a growth.

Samantha complained yesterday before she headed out to her temp job at Kohl's, that she felt "ick...I think I'm getting sick again mom". She called last night to let me know she was sleeping at a friend's, and she sounds like she has bronchitis. Thankfully she will be home this morning.

I have had a very sore throat for a couple days, along with achy ears and a dull headache. Nothing major, but makes it hard to get things done when you move around and your head feels like it wants to pop like a balloon.

So first thing this morning I will be calling the doc. Antibiotics this time for sure, and hopefully we will be able to finally get the crud gone. Tom isn't really sick, just a bit of congestion, so I might have the doc check him just in case.

I pretty much chalk all this up to the weather. But I don't want to complain about that...Murphy's law and all that. We got that foot of snow last week, and then it warmed up. Really warm. 60's type warm. If all of winter could be like this, I will take the crud in return. But I know it won't happen. Over night, thanks to a cold front moving in, we have dropped 30 degrees. By the weekend, it will be even colder.

My mom came over the other day and helped me rearrange my bedroom so I could get my bed away from the windows and outside wall for the winter. It went pretty fast since I worked like a chicken with it's head cut off, to get all the clutter out of the room before she got here. It took a little fenagling to get the desk part right, but we managed. I put most of my stuff back in my room, but have a few little odds and ends lingering in a corner of the living room that I need to clean up.

Speaking of living rooms....I am thinking of rearranging that. I have the tv sitting on top of a tall bureau with 5 draws. I use the drawers to store movies and videos. Problem is, the bureau top isn't big enough for the tv and the kid's video game systems, so it always looks like a total mess. Of course, the fact that they do not pick up after themselves would have something to do with that too. So I am brainstorming how to redo that room, and make it more tolerable for me to look at. Ideally I would have a separate little room for the video game crap, but that isn't happening.

Today is going to be a bit busy, running errands again. I did that Monday, and it drove me nuts. I hate running errands.

Today's list includes:
-going to the store for some necessities
-stopping by my parents so my father can put my tire back on the truck (it developed a leak last week and went flat)
-head to another homeschooler's down the street for some fun science (apparently we are making fake snot...don't ask, boys will be boys!)
-hit the library around the corner (just finally got our 2 month overdue books back the other day)
-sneak the doc in there somewhere.

Whewww, tired just thinking about it. And that doesn't include some housework, and folding the couple loads of laundry I did yesterday. I seem to be in a funk lately though, as I keep putting off stuff. That is what I do. But it's time to get out of that funk and just get 'er done. I always feel better when I just put my mind to it and get it done. It's just getting the motivation to get started that is hard lol.

On another note....the kids don't know it yet, but there is a real estate agent friend of my aunt's, who is in North Carolina, looking around for me, for a rent to own or owner financed situation. Tom will be ok with it I think. Joe will fight me tooth and nail about going. Sam has already said she probably wouldn't go (and I can't make her since she is 19). If I can find something, despite missing my parents, and the hassle of moving that far away, I would do it in a heart beat. Especially if it gives me the opportunity to finally get my homestead going. I am tired of waiting. Patience is not my strong suite lol.

Ok, enough procrastination...maybe if I jump on that housework now, I can relax when I get back from the errands, instead of looking at a sink full of dirty dishes and a pile of unfolded laundry.

Have a great day!!


  1. I'm wondering if part of your trouble with getting things done is that your body doesn't have any extra energy because of the germies you've apparently been carrying around for a month. No wonder you don't feel like tackling mountains! I know there are things that absolutely have to be done (like some of your errands today) but with your sore throat and other symptoms, you need to be careful you don't get sicker. (Why is it so hard for we women to take care of ourselves?)

  2. You are so right Mama Pea! I took the oldest 2 to the doctor this afternoon, and the youngest and I are going tomorrow morning. With all of us on antibiotics, we will hopefully get rid of the crud once and for all. I also plan to rest this weekend and let my body do what it needs to, in order to get back in the groove.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Wow, that is news! I hope your agent finds something to your liking. I think it NC is a pretty state and you'd find the milder climate good for homesteading. Keep us posted!

  4. Yep, I haven't told my family yet...but if she could find me something, that would allow me to finally have my dream, I would go for it! The kids wouldn't be entirely happy, but they will handle it:)