December 27, 2011


I am thinking a lot lately about what is going to happen in the next six months. My main goal is to get on a piece of land, where I can raise my own food (as much as possible). It will happen this year no matter what. Why in the next six months? My lease is up in June on this rental, and financially I cannot stay here another year.

I have two options, that I have talked about before:
(A) Move to NC, where it is warmer. This is the biggest plus to this plan because the warmer weather will mean: longer growing seasons for food, warmer weather is better for my CRPS.
(B) Get a second hand mobile home to put on my land behind my parent's. I have 3 acres out there to use, but some of it must be cleared before I can do anything.

As much as I want (A), it is looking more and more like option (B) is going to be the one I go with. Financially speaking, it is the better option. It will cost just a couple hundred to transfer the land into my name (we did the subdivision years ago). I am keeping an eye on both Craigslist and Uncle Henry's, for second hand mobile homes. My goal is to have it be around $3000, or a smidge more. Big expectations, but it is possible. I have found a few already. I am praying that they are still available when I get taxes in, or that some more pop up on the sites when my taxes come in.

Our town allows for a "private campground" building permit for up to two years. This will allow us to live in the mobile home, rent and mortgage free, while we use what money we have coming in, to put in a septic, well, and foundation. My mother wasn't impressed with the idea at first, until I asked her "and how is it any different than how you raised us?". I love her to death, but she has to remember that living in a home that you pay for that isn't yours, so limits your life. Financially, but also with what you want for yourself. Being able to take care of myself and my kiddos is number one on my list. It is becoming harder and harder to do in a rental.

I have several options when it comes to clearing the land to put a home of some sort in there. I could get one of the local logging companies to clear the lot in exchange for the trees. They will do it for free, but will not stump the property. Option #2, is to have family friends clear the land in exchange for the wood for their own wood burning homes. This leaves the stumping issue as well.

My perfect option would be to get a few of those family friends to help me clear it, while leaving the wood for the kids and I to use for our heating needs. I will install a small wood stove in the mobile home, to save on heating costs, thus helping the financial budget. I could easily get at least one heating season, if not two, out of the wood that we need to clear. I would also like to save some of the better wood to cut down in to boards for a barn and such. There are several inexpensive options for this, and it would save me a lot of money from having to buy lumber.

I do not want to clear cut the entire lot, and my parent's would have a fit if I did. Yes, at nearly 46, I still have to take into consideration what they want. They did give me the land after all. But as my father said a few years ago, if it were him, he would level the knoll that is right behind the house site. That eats up a lot of space, that could be used for a large garden, or even a small pasture for the animals. That is something that I really want done. It will also make my putting in a foundation much easier. NH isn't called the Granite State for and ledge are a given when digging. I want a full foundation if I can do it. By taking that knoll down and leveling it out towards the home site, will give me a better chance of having that full foundation without hitting ledge.

I will have to ask several family members for help with things like digging for the foundation, but they are fabulous about doing it for small amounts of money. Shouldn't cost me more than a couple hundred.

Lots of planning, and thinking out loud here. The main reason that option (A) will probably be off the table is cost. I would have to either rent something like PODS to move all our stuff down to NC, or get rid of most of what we own up here, and buy second hand once we get down there. There is also the fact that we haven't had any luck yet finding and owner financed block of land, so I would most likely end up renting a place. Again, renting something that isn't mine, and limiting my options on what I can do to build up our self sufficiency.

Another thing that is a plus to option (B), staying in NH despite my hatred of snow and all things cold weather, is that the land is mine. If I really needed to, and I pray I don't, I could use the land as collateral for a loan, to finish the septic, well and foundation. I would prefer to do them as I go, with only cash. But you have to plan for the unexpected, and that is an option I wouldn't have with land in NC.

I don't expect to have everything I want by the end of the year...animals, house, barn, etc. It will take time to make this happen. But by getting on the land by June, then it is a daily thing that I can work towards. Making the land what it needs to be in order to be self sufficient.

It will also put me closer to my parents so that I can help them out when they need it. That is the least I can do, considering all they have done for me over the last 46 years of my life.

Watch for more to come as we start getting ready for this plan. It will happen this year, no matter what. Yes, I am THAT determined! In the next month or two we will be working on decluttering what we already have. That is a must, not only because we would have to pay for a storage unit for awhile (the mobile wouldn't hold all this), but also because we own too much junk. Don't most people? I look around this house, and just shake my head. I can't believe we got rid of so much when we moved here a year ago, but it seems like we have replaced it with just as much. My kids are the biggest culprits, especially the boys. You can barely walk into their room.

Thanks for reading my "thoughts out loud".....I hope you all have a blessed new year!!!


  1. How great that you have options. It sounds like you've put quite a bit of thought into it. I'm sure that you'll succeed one way or another. Determination is a wonderful thing. Good luck on your wonderful goals.

  2. Thank you Judy:) Yes I am very blessed!