December 8, 2011

What can't I go without?

Isn't it funny, how you don't really pay attention to something, until you can't have it? That was me this morning. No coffee.

I finally got a call from the doc's office yesterday to let me know I had to go in at 8:45 for a tummy ultrasound. It was ordered because of that sore spot I complained about when I saw him last week. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the nurse told me I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. She asked what was so funny....well, I get up at 5 a.m. and functioning without coffee is just not a pretty picture.

I did get up at 5 a.m., got Joe off to school, and then went back to bed until 8. Up, dressed and drove the 5 minutes to my appointment. As soon as I got back home a half hour later, the coffee pot was going full steam ahead.

It makes me think....if things got worse than they are now (and yes, they can always get worse), what could I go without, without going insane.

I think for the most part, I am a very flexible person. I credit this to my parents, who moved us from CT to NH when I was a young kid. We went from living in a nice, 2-story house with a pool in the backyard, to living in a second hand trailer in the middle of nowhere. For several years we had no running water, no indoor bathroom, and spent more time outside caring for animals or gardens, than I had ever done in my life.

But as an adult, I seriously think there are 2 things I honestly couldn't go without, without some of my sanity slipping away. One will be a huge shocker to you all most likely. The first is coffee. I have cut way back on what I drink, thanks to my CRPS. The doctor pointed out that drinking 4 pots a day was causing my nerve disorder to be much worse (duh), so I am down to one pot a day, sometimes 2.

The second thing is tobacco. Yes, horror of it all....I smoke cigarettes. I have since I was 19. Yep, late bloomer. Now, I know, eventually, if it wasn't available, I would survive. No one has ever died from quitting. But, I doubt anyone would want to be around me if I get to that point that I quit, for at least a few weeks. Add in no coffee, and I would be a complete mess. I have even researched growing tobacco so that if I had to I could grow my own.

Says a lot about me doesn't it....I could go without basics like soap, toilet paper,electricity, etc. But don't touch my coffee or cigarettes! LOL.

What things do you think you couldn't seriously live without, if things got really bad?

(And just a friendly note: Please no lectures about the smoking. I love you all, and know you care about me. I know it is a horrible thing to do for my health...I hear it all the time).


  1. :-).....I seriously like diet coke. Big time not good for me.

  2. Oh didn't even think of the soda I drink Dr. Momi....When not sucking down coffee, I drink classic Coke.

  3. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Did I mention coffee? ;)

  4. LOL Mama Tea- a lady after my own heart:)

  5. Boy, I know my brain is a little frazzled tonight and I'm bone tired, but I can't think of anything I couldn't do without . . . unless it was loved ones. But I know that's not what you meant. Hmmmm, I will have to think about this.

    Really loved your honesty in this post, Stephanie.

  6. I think about this from time to time, especially because our stated goal is food self-sufficiency. I'm definitely in the coffee line. Also have a terrible sweet tooth, though I could raise bees! DH love his potato chips with lunch, and I could make those too, but that would be a lot of work.

  7. Oh yeah, forgot about family Mama Pea lol. Seriously, that is a given for me, especially being so close to my parents. I could, if I had to, go without both of these things, but it wouldn't be very pleasant for those around me, for quite some time. LOL.

  8. Leigh, I wonder if I could learn to re-create the Smarties candies, since on live on them? It used to be chocolate, but for about a year now, I am hooked on Smarties.
    The chips are time consuming, and I have yet to find a good way to store them for more than a day or two, without them going stale from the oil residue left on them. I drain them well, and let them sit on paper towels, but they still get soft and icky.