January 7, 2012

Early on a Saturday...

During the week, I get up at 5 a.m. This is so I can get my middle one up for school. He has to catch the bus at 6:30 to go to the high school two towns away. Now when I say I like to sleep late on the weekends, I mean some where around 7 a.m. That is sleeping late to me. Any longer than that, and I wake up stiff, and regret staying in bed so long.

Sadly, that wasn't an option this morning. It's 6:46 here right now, and I have been up over an hour. Why in the world would I get up that early on a Saturday you ask??? Because we have to be at the high school for 9 a.m. this morning. Said middle child is having a promotion ceremony for ROTC. I will be getting both boys up in just a few minutes, so they can start getting ready. We need half an hour to drive to the high school.

I am not a "get up and go" type person. I have to be able to sit, drink my coffee slowly, and usually read online while I do it. This is my wake up routine. I will jump out of bed and be off in just a few minutes if I have to be, as in oversleeping last Monday, that caused me to have to drive the kiddo to school because he missed the bus. But it is not an option I care for.

I guess my body taking a day of rest yesterday was preparing me for today's busy schedule. After we do middle one's ceremony, I need to hit the grocery store down there (so I don't have to make a special trip), and then home to pack an over night bag for the younger son. He is going to sleep over a friend's for the night. A friend who lives in the same town, but is half an hour in the opposite direction of our house.

I want to drop him off in the early afternoon, because the road he lives on is super curvy, winding around several small lakes here in the area, and is a real bear to drive at night. I made that mistake last weekend, and hit some dicey areas with fog so thick you couldn't see two feet in front of your face. What is it about getting older and a dislike for driving at night? I have gotten so I hate it with a passion, and try to avoid it, especially in the colder months. But that means getting things done early, since the sun goes down so early.

Once I am done eating up half a tank of gas today, it will be a few runs to the dump if we can fit it in before they close. Worse comes to worse, at least get one done, with the regular trash, so that I have room to sort through and bag up the rest that has to go. I am fortunate that our dump is open Friday-Monday in our little town. This means I can spread my trips over several days if need be. I will get middle kid to help me, since his canoe is taking up mucho real estate in the garage, and needs to be set outside so I can actually get to some of the stuff that needs to go.

Other than that, the weekend will be spent puttering around the house. I am nearly done with my bedroom clutter clean up, and then I can do a massive wash down of the whole room. Maybe by doing this deep clean now, it will help with my stuffiness. Get all those dust bunnies gone :).

And just for a funny bit .... this is what happens in a small town. I saw the cruisers and an ambulance on Thursday when I was passing the center of town on my way home from shopping, but didn't know exactly what happened....until it made the news that night. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Some poor driver jumped the curve at the little bank downtown, and ran right through the side of the building. This is almost as good as the teen last year, in trying to push his SUV into the little gas station near my parents (it had run out of gas), forgot to have someone in the driver's seat to work the brakes, and ended up having the SUV break through the wooden barrier that divides the edge of the parking lot from the river behind it, and the SUV rolled into the river and began to sink. If it hadn't been for it taking on water so quickly, the fire department said it would have gone right over the dam.

Ahhh, life in a small town!! :)


  1. Lots of running--I don't envy you. I'm planning a very very lazy day today. Well, hopefully tomorrow you can sit with your coffee and enjoy!

  2. I was in NAVY JROTC in high school, enjoyed it very much. Youngest son was in Air Force JROTC until we moved him to home schooling.

    I was in the Civil Air Patrol for a few years, met my wife there. I really enjoyed C.A.P. as an adult became Squadron Commander, in charge of 30 cadets and 10 adults. Spent 10 days on an Air Force base during the summer for encampment.

  3. Ha! Your weekend schedule makes me think of the old expression, "No rest for the wicked." Or in your case, for the "non-wicked!" How is it we manage to fill DAYS doing little, ol', run-of-the-mill everyday things? On the other hand, I guess if we don't try to drive through the side of a building, it's all okay. :o]

  4. Enjoy the day Sue:) I can't complain too much, we have mild temps near mid 40's today, and the sun is shining:)

  5. Nice Rob! This is the Air Force version of ROTC. Two of my step kids did it too. Sadly like most things in high school, it is a popularity contest much of the time. He advanced to Airmen today, but didn't get his good conduct pin for some reason. Much of the advancements are voted on my seniors.

  6. Hehe Mama Pea, guess I am making up for taking yesterday off and being a bum! LOL I hope I never am one of those people who drives into buildings, but never say never...who knows what I will be like when full blown Alzheimer's kicks in.

  7. Week ends are a work day for me. and I sleep during the day (work the night shift and have Wednesday and Thursday off!). But life in a small town can be fun!