January 1, 2012

The First Day of a New Year

Well, it's officially 2012. What have I done so far today, this first day of the new year? Not much physically. But my daughter came home this morning, after spending the last week at her boyfriend's house to make it easier for her to get to her job. I haven't seen her since Christmas. That feels weird.

But we spent the better part of 2 hours just talking. Her and I, just talking. Boy that felt good! I will get to have her home for most of the week. Her seasonal job doesn't have her schedule again to work until next Saturday. Financially that will hurt us, but we will manage. I am just glad she is home, I missed her. When she goes back to work next weekend, she will know if she is going to be kept on. I think they will, she has done a great job, and they should recognize that. Of course I am biased.

I have also been doing a lot of thinking, and researching online. Sadly I haven't found what I was looking for, which was a cost comparison of stick built homes to SIP built homes. I guess I will have to call around and get some idea from the local building supply places. I like the idea of using SIPs on our place that we will get up eventually, because they make the building process faster. We could have the shell up and done in just a week or so. It is super insulated, which is a must for our climate. We will see what I can find out in the next few weeks.

I have tons of stuff running through my head, what I want to accomplish in the next few months, what I need to be doing now, yada yada. But for today, I think I will pull out a notebook, write some ideas down to get them out of my head, and just spend the day enjoying my kiddos. Tomorrow it's back to a normal routine of homeschooling, and threatening the gas company (yes, I am STILL waiting to get my new tanks set).

Hope you are all blessed in the new year!

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