January 8, 2012

Garage Chaos

You all have heard me lament (aka: whine) about the mess in the garage for eons. Now before I show you the before photos...please no harsh judgements. It is way to easy to toss stuff out there, because we don't see it daily (well I do when I go to get something out of the freezer for dinner, thus all my whining), but the kids don't, so out of sight out of mind. So without judgement on me please, here are the before shots:

This is standing on the steps that are just outside the kitchen door, on the house side of the garage. And no, that is not all trash. I am not that bad. Under there is Joe's canoe, the lawnmower and boxes of stuff that need to go be donated. The bags in the front are actually clothes to be donated, that I didn't want the kids to mistake for trash.

This is taken from the opposite, garage door side of it. As you can see better in this photo, there is alot under the cardboard and such.

We spent time putting cardboard boxes back in the basement where they belonged. They had been sitting in the garage for over 3 months, when my oldest daughter thought she might need them. That feel through and they ended up staying there....not anymore!!

Then my son Joe and I sorted through 3 giant boxes of stuff that my 19yo daughter had decided she didn't want anymore and tossed out here. We managed to get 3 more bags of clothes for donation and 3 more bags of regular trash. I sorted out some stuff for the scrap metal section at the dump, and also packed up 2 boxes of movies/books to go to the donation bin.

All in all, we did 2 very large trips to the dump. This is the after:

We still have a long way to go, to get rid of all the stuff on the right side in this photo, but think we can get it done in just a few weekends. I made the mistake of taking a bunch of furniture from my brother when he was cleaning out, thinking that my oldest daughter would need it when she got a new place. " Surprise mom, I am staying where I am". Now I am stuck with this stuff. I have more in the basement, trust me. I want to get rid of it, but also know that 19yo daughter is talking about moving out in the very near future....and it is all useable. I just don't want to have to store it:P

We will discuss what she might want to save for her place, and then the rest is going either to Salvation Army, or the dump. Either way, I might actually be able to see the full garage soon!

Hope you had a productive weekend!


  1. That's gotta feel a whole lot better! What an improvement. Now--if you don't mind, I've got a garage that could use some help too.

  2. Oh it does Sue! Like I said, still a long ways to go, but baby steps right? LOL would love to help you with yours, but I will warn you, I am ruthless about what I throw away:)

  3. I'd say you made humongous progress! And also you're big and brave for showing us the "before" pictures. But no apologies necessary, we've ALL got certain "storage" areas like that!

  4. Thanks Mama Pea:) I was afraid to put those pictures up ... thought you all might think I belonged on that show Hoarders lol. I'm starting to think my kids do :P

  5. What a difference! I am just itching to be able to get our kitchen done so I can go through all my boxes of kitchen stuff, organize, declutter, and be able to find things again!

  6. Thanks Leigh! It felt good to not have to trip over stuff to walk from one side to the other:) I am loving your kitchen remodel so far, can't wait to see the rest!

  7. That is a great amount of cleaning / donating / tossing! And thank you for posting the "before" picture so all of us with the same, uhm, perdiciment, can rest assured that we're not the only ones that have a garage that cannot hold a vehicle in it because of all the other "stuff".
    Good job!

  8. Thank you Carolyn!! I felt so nervous about those "before" pictures:) I am glad to know I am not alone!

  9. AWESOME job!!! Having just moved I know how much time and work it takes to go through all the STUFF we all have. It looks really great - I'm impressed:)

  10. Thank you Mystic Mud...I thought it would never end lol