January 25, 2012

Hump Day

Today is a bit of an "off" day here. I have my appointment with the ortho doc at 11am, so don't want to get too far into anything, and have to stop mid progress. This means that kiddo will have a relaxed day. We will still get some school work done, just not as much as normal.

I am feeling a sinus infection coming on, so will be calling the family doc to see if he can get me on an antibiotic quick, so I won't be sick and have to have my knee surgery put off. I have put it off long enough.

I did some puttering around the house yesterday, fixing two curtain rods that were falling down in my daughter's room, and putting some of the empty boxes and shelving from the boy's clean out into the basement. I still need to sort their clothes out and get them into their respective bureaus.

I am also going to make meatballs this afternoon, to freeze for future spaghetti meals. I bought some great burger meat about 3 weeks ago, 4lb packages, and tucked them in the freezer. Last night we used about half for burgers, and the rest will give me a good size batch of meatballs. Nothing fancy, I just add egg, bread crumbs, italian seasoning and garlic powder. If I had my druthers, it would have a TON of garlic in it. But my kiddos don't like it as strong as I do.

I did an update on my homeschooling blog this morning, and added some new link resources to the sidebar. I really need to set up a regular schedule of posting there. It has been so hit or miss. I think it could be a great resource if I just put some effort into it.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you all have a fabulous Hump Day!


  1. Here's another vote for lots of garlic powder in those meatballs. :)

  2. LOL Leigh...I can't ever have enough garlic!