January 4, 2012

Journal Post #1

This is the first of my journal entries that I will share occassionally on the blog. It is a goal of mine for 2012, to be more purposeful in life. Setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and being more grateful for what I have.

Outside My Window:
It is brutally cold today. With the wind chill, it is about -5. Wish it was more like that picture above, but I am so thankful we do not have feet of snow like we did this time last year.

I Am Thinking:
How excited I am that we are finally getting our new propane tanks set up today!!! It took lots of phone calls, anger, frustration and even a few tears on my part to finally get this done....but it will so be worth it when I take that boiling hot shower tonight.

In The Kitchen:
In celebration of having the stove working again, we will be having baked chicken for dinner. I will still do my planned test of making banana bread in the crock pot for my blog post though. I will wait till this weekend to make some baked goodies, as the next few days are going to be busy with errands and homeschooling.

I Am Creating:
Working on making up some hats to donate to the "Coats for Kids" program here in town. I don't have any outgrown coats of the kids to donate, so will donate some hats, maybe some mittens.

I Am Wondering:
So many things that could be listed under this category. How to get a business going to bring in an income of some sort. How will Jack and I do once we really get down to the business of trying to build a relationship. Will I let my 16yr old stay at the local high school, or pull him to homeschool. Lots and lots to wonder about. But I have to stop trying to think too far ahead, worrying too much, and take it one day at a time.

I Am Reading:
Lots of blogs and websites about things for the homestead (solar power, best gardening tips, building a home on your own), and these books on my Kindle app on my computer: "The Barefoot Executive", "The Quest of a Simple Life", and "The First Book of Farming". I adore my Kindle app, both on the phone and my computer! And there are so many amazing free books out there if you just take the time to read them. I laugh when ever someone asks me what I am reading, because it reminds me of my 2nd hubby. He never could understand how I could like reading, much less read several books at a time.

I Am Planning:
On focusing on today only....getting gas set up, cleaning the house, setting up the items we need for tomorrow's homeschool science get together, and enjoying my kiddos. Need to do more of that, focusing on today!

Around the House:
Sort of goes with the above one. Cleaning....the livingroom is still a bit of a mess. The boys need to pick up their stuff they have left all over my coffee table (various things "in progress" from Christmas), vacuum, and keep working on my bedroom closet declutter. Almost done on that, then I will deep clean the entire room (wash walls, floors, etc).

My Prayer:
Praying that my friend Maranda can get the Nook for her son, praying for those struggling financially (too many to mention), for my very sweet friend Lynn, and for my parents, who have both been under the weather lately.

I Am Grateful For:
This one is actually easier than I thought it would be....heat and hot water, the skills that my parents taught me to make me independent and resourceful, my children, a roof over my head, a running (although a bit sick) vehicle, no snow, warm clothes.

Quote: "
Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of. " - Johnathan Swift

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my journal. Nothing earth shattering, just my ramblings.


  1. A wonderful post. Keep up the good work. You are more organized then we are right now.

  2. I DID enjoy your "ramblings!" I think writing a journal (or a blog!) enables us to slow down, be more in the moment, do some productive (i.e., POSITIVE) thinking. I'm betting it will lead to good things for all of us.

  3. Thanks Rob:) It's a struggle as I am not a naturally organized person.

  4. I agree Mama Pea! It's really made me focus my attention to where it needs to be, rather that flitting from worry to worry.

  5. great journal start-it will be a hit I predict,and I know what my weakness is ---myself

  6. Thanks Judy:) I think you are not alone in that weakness lol.