January 24, 2012

Journal Post #2

Outside my window: It is a steady drizzle this morning of rain. I am grateful that the temps will be near 50 today, even if it is for only one day. Beats the 0 and below we have had for the last few weeks. Need to check the driveway once the sun comes up, and put sand down if needed in a few icy spots.

I am thinking: About finances. It seems to hog my brain cells lately. I am going to have to either make major repairs to the truck, or find another vehicle when taxes come in. Will this eat up too much of my refund to allow me to find a 2nd hand mobile?

In the kitchen: Not much going on there lately. I want to get some homemade hamburger and hot dog rolls made, but with doing major cleaning, haven't had the time or energy. Hopefully by this weekend.

I am creating: I am still working on the rope rug, but have set it aside for a bit. It hurts my bad arm big time, and I got a special request for an afghan, which I will be paid for.

I am wondering: If I will have the normal "clean up" surgery on my left knee, or if the doctor will finally give me a knee replacement. Long story short....I blew the knee out when I was 20, and every 5-6yrs I have to have it cleaned up because I have no cartilage under the knee cap, and develop calcium deposits and burrs that cause me major pain. They also usually have to redo the artificial ligaments that hold the knee cap in place. It's a simple surgery, and I am off my crutches within 2 weeks. I was told they won't do a full knee replacement until I am 55, because they only last about 10yrs. I will know more in the next week or so. Doctor's appointment tomorrow, and then I am sure I will have an MRI. The worst part of the surgery is the anesthesia...it makes me sick, no matter what they give me to counteract that.

I am reading: Nothing right now. I finished up my last books. I did install the Nook app on my computer and my phone, so I have extra options for more ebooks. I am in "free book" heaven between the Nook, Kindle and Google Books apps.

I am planning: I need to get a better plan laid out for Tom's school work. We have gotten off track too many times. I am thinking of trying an option on the computer, to make it easier for me to add to, and help him become more independent.

Around the house: Just the decluttering I have been posting about recently.

My prayer: That several of my friends, who are really struggling, find the answers they are seeking.

I am grateful for: warmer temps, kids that make me laugh, a mother who is becoming my friend (I have waited all my life for that), food on our table, an ex-husband and father to my children who is always involved and truly cares (I know how lucky I am in that area).

Have a great day!


  1. Love this little look into your life, Stephanie. Is it weird that after each entry in each category, I can't help but relate it to my own thoughts or what's going on in my life? Interesting . . .

  2. A wonderful post. Good luck with your knee. I have foot/knee/back issues too.

  3. Thank you Mama Pea:) I find myself doing that when I read your blog...see, told you I wanted to be like you when I grow up lol.