January 22, 2012

Massive Clean Out

Imagine for a moment, the view in this post. I'll wait while you refresh your memory. This wasn't far off the mark for my boy's bedroom. I was always tripping on things when I stumbled in there at 5am to wake the oldest up for school each day. I didn't take a before photo. I forgot because I was on a "nothing will survive" mentality and really just wanted to get it done.
Four...yes four giant trash bags of broken toys, junk, and assorted other trash is now sitting snugly in the garage. Right next to it is enough paper stuff for recycling to wallpaper an entire house.
You see, I suffer from a horrible disorder..........children who are pack rats. I used to be them in my younger days. Now I am merciless when I sort and weed out things, and this is just what I did in their room this weekend. I am exhausted and still haven't put all their possesions that I let them keep, back into their room. But the hardest is done. Here are a few shots of the after:

This is inside their closet. They have shelves built in on either side, and since they can't grasp the concept of hanging clothes up, I decided to add these two older bookcases that I had in the basement, to maximize the space. Like I said, all their stuff isn't back in there yet.

Their beds. Before this, they were stacked bunk beds. My younger son asked to have them separated. Older son wasn't crazy about the idea, so I let him chose which side of the room he got. I got the nightstand in between the beds from my brother last year. These have to be the MOST sturdy bunk beds ever made. They have had them for going on 11 years, and they were a free thing given to me, can't beat that! They do need new mattresses though, since they are almost as old. Hoping with taxes.

And this is the wall opposite the beds. Up until today, they both shared that shorter bureau. Sadly, because it isn't big enough for both of them, there were piles of clothes on top, on the floor, etc. So I brought the taller bureau from the basement for my older son to use.

They are now on strict instructions to NEVER let that room get that bad again. I will take all their stuff away if I have to, to enforce it. Yep, I am ruthless! LOL.

So that is how I spent the bulk of my weekend, while all the kids were gone. It took forever! I did manage to sneak in the AFC Championship game, and way to go Patriots!!! I am a die hard New England fan,born and bred:) We are off to the Super Bowl again!

On a less happy note, my brother called today after looking at my truck. He can't be sure until he gets it down to the garage and has his buddy put it on the lift to check it out more, but he said my issue is not my u-joints. It couldn't be that simple could it, the way things are going lately. Nope, it may very well be my transmission, or the transfer case :/ Not good. So either I spend $1000 plus to fix it out of my tax money, or spend that much plus, to find another vehicle.

I just wish I could catch a break. It's getting a bit much lately. I am usually a pretty positive person, but just when I think I have something straightened out, another thing pops up. Oh well, that is life right? Keep me in prayer please.

Jack and I haven't been able to see each other this week, due to his work schedule, but hopefully by the middle of the week he will be done w/the current assignment for his job and can take some time off.

Tomorrow is a day off for the older boy from school, so it will be spent putting their stuff back in their room, and then getting the rest of my house back in order. Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. When it rains , it pours. I hope you get over this bad time soon--it gets frustrating.

    The boys room looks great--I always remember my son as being the biggest slob. What "wars" we had. And now, as an adult, I'm rather shocked at how neat he is. You could eat off his floors. I guess they do grow out of it-LOL!

  2. I feel your pain. We have 5 kids, only one is still a child, (13) My youngest boys (22&18) got a little wild last week. I walked up to them took away some airsoft guns they were playing with. My 22 yr old said wow, its been along time since dad took anything away from me. 24 hrs later I returned them back to the boys. lesson learned.

  3. Haha Rob, mine are 14 and 16 and yep, done that myself.

  4. Thank you Sue, I sure hope it goes away soon.
    I don't get it with my boys, they had things from school from 4 or 5 yrs ago lol. My 16yo is the worst for saving any scrap of paper, and the 14yo is the worst for saving any broken toy lol