January 3, 2012

Need Your Help For A Friend

As some of you know, I homeschool. I love being able to teach my own children. Many times though, we homeschool parents can fall through the cracks.

This is the case for my friend Maranda. Her son, Logan, has recently been tested for learning disabilities and has been found to have a few issues, especially when it comes to learning to read. The people doing the testing couldn't offer services to Logan, but did highly recommend that he get a Nook, to assist with his learning disabilities.

I know money is tight for everyone these days. I wouldn't take much for her to earn the $250 she needs to get him this very valuable tool for his education. I myself gave a donation this morning of $24 and you all know how broke I am lol.

Please visit the page here, read Maranda's own words, and if you feel led to help this young man out, please do.


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