January 20, 2012

New Family Member

For those who are new to my blog, this photo is of my cat Tater. I had him just about 8 months, when he went missing (about 4 months ago). He was the perfect cat....a character with lots of personality, a great hunter, and all around wonderful snuggler. Yep I miss him. We aren't sure what happened to him, but figure he got into a scrape with a critter out behind our place, and didn't come out the winner.

Yesterday we brought home our newest family member, because frankly, I was missing having that companion :). Meet Tig

How stinkin' cute is he!? He is just 8 weeks, and I brought him home yesterday. This is a photo of him with his sisters, at the old place. He fell asleep in between the back cushions on the couch...
Apparently not only comfy but warm lol. He did great on the 30 minute ride home, barely crying, but always looking out of the cat carrier to see what is going on. He is not a timid cat, and settled in great, running around and checking out everything and everyone in sight. Usually, in my experience, that means he will eventually be great outside, because he is not afraid of much. That also will probably get him in trouble eventually, like Tater. But that is the hazard of having animals, especially cats. You can smother them and keep them indoors, but it goes against their nature. If he wants to be an outside cat, when he is old enough to be neutered, then I will let him.

As expected, the royal highness, Mika (my daughter's 8 yr old cat) was less than impressed. She has always believed that she should be the only animal in the house. She instantly went and hid, and despite it being cold and snowing last night, spent a good chunk of the evening outside. We finally coaxed her in, but she ended up hiding in my daughter's room. She never did like Tater much either. She won't fight with the little one, but will avoid him at all costs, and growl once in awhile.

And, what does a kitten do when he gets tired.............cat naps of course!


  1. How cute! Congrats on a "new" family member!

  2. Sorry to hear that Tater never made it back home. But how nice of you to take in another kitty. I see lots of snuggling going on!

  3. Thanks Carolyn:) We hunted high and low for him for weeks on end, with no luck. I miss him, he was quite the character. But this new one will be loved just as much!

  4. We had both of our cats pass away in the last year. We had our girls for 12 yrs. When Oreo passed we picked up Spooky. Spooky was too young and we had to bottle feed him. When Kali passed we picked up Shadow. Shadow was around 3 or 4 months. The boys get along great. A few months ago we ended up with Bandit as the girl that had him could not keep him. So now we are the proud pet parents of 3 tomcats all under 18 months of age. Are cats have all been indoor cats. They all get alone just fine.

  5. That is fabulous Rob! I wish Mika would get another with other cats, but sadly she doesn't. She is a one of a kind, anti-social cat lol.

  6. So cute! I still miss our black cat Rascal, and also one of the replacements we got for him who died earlier this year. We still have our Riley though. :)

  7. I know that feeling Leigh...I still miss Tater