January 11, 2012

Postive Thoughts

I could very easily make this post a full blown rant. Yesterday I received some stressful news about my SSDI, that is going to cause some real financial issues, and is definitely a mistake on their part. But instead, I called my lawyer who filed my paperwork initially for me, and have an appointment with her tomorrow afternoon. Breathe.....in....out....in....out.

So instead, I am going to show you what my land layout looks like. I talk about this piece of land so much, but maybe you think it is in my imagination? Not so dear readers!! It does exist. See picture evidence below :)

She's a beautiful thing!! This plan is actually from the original septic design (which never got filed with the state, so need to find out what I do to correct that...new perc test?? can I just fill out new paperwork and file the original plans??).

On the lower left hand corner, is the 50ft wide easement that my parents had to give me, all the way down the driveway,to the road in front of their place (not seen in picture). I had to have 50ft of road frontage, and it is a shared driveway. Also in the lower portion, you can see a home w/an existing well, that is my younger brother's place. He owns the front 2 acres. Originally it was my older brother's, but he sold it to my younger brother. That back section that comes into a point, I actually won't be able to use. Back in the 50's, the previous owners gave an easement to the power company, for future poles, which never were put up. I am wondering if I can get that easement released some how. I wouldn't want to put much that far back, as it is very close to a highway, but still, would like to know I could use it if I wanted. The power company never used it in 40+ years, I doubt they will.

After looking these over yesterday, and really paying attention to the perc test results (5 holes were done), I am even more convinced that I will have to take down the knoll in the area to the back of the property. It will leave me more exposed to the highway on the backside, noise-wise, but the perc test shows that there is solid ledge under the soil, from 5-10 feet down. Ahh the joys of living in the "Granite State".

See, I have done my research. I must have at least 4ft of my foundation below frost level. That is required by building codes. But I also know that if I try going into ledge, I risk releasing argon gas, which is not a good thing. It could eventually make the house that I put there unlivable. So by knocking down the knoll, I add more topsoil to the house lot area, allowing me a deeper area to put a foundation. I want a full foundation, so I will put the required 4ft underground, and leave the other 4ft above ground. This will also allow me to put good sized windows in, as well as hopefully a walk in area, so I don't have to deal with a bulkhead entrance.

Also in my research I have found that it probably won't cost me anything initially to run the electric to my place. Our power company will do 125ft (above or below ground) for free. After that it is so much per foot. There is a pole right at the corner of my brother's place, so I should be able to go part way in, for the temporary placement of the mobile home, for nothing. I will have to dig the trench myself (or get a friend to do it), and once they lay the line, get our local electrician to hook it up to the house, but that will be minor.

I may have found a second hand trailer perfect for our needs, and not far from our location, on Craigslist. I am waiting to hear from the poster. It was posted back on 11/29, so I am praying that it is still available. It is in good shape, newer appliances, and they just want it gone, which means I can probably pick it up for a song. My plan is to put it on the left side of the septic area temporarily, to allow room to work on the actual house location.

I am doing some research now, to see if a chambered septic system is a better option for me. I would rather have that, than a leech field. It would mean having a septic pumped maybe every 2yrs rather than every 5-7yrs, but I can handle that.

And knowing there is so much ledge, I am definitely going to have to plan on $6000-$8000 for the well, as they will have to drill through the ledge to get to the right level. My brother's well is about 400ft, my parent's (who are off to the left of this drawing) are at 600ft.

Ahh, the plans I have!!! Now to just get them in motion:) The first is finding a mobile home to put there, for us to live in while we do the rest. Please keep me in prayers that this all comes together. I desperately need and want this.

Have a great day!


  1. In our prayers you will be. One day you will wake up and it will no longer be a dream.

  2. Planning things is soooo much fun, but yes, stressful. Keep plugging away and I'll send you some good vibes for smooth sailing through it all! Oh, and I LOVE seeing plans...it makes it so much more "real".

  3. Thank you Carolyn, it means a lot!!

  4. Whoa! I must have missed something. You are now definitely going with this plot of land for your homestead? I thought you were still debating moving farther south? But if this is it, I say congratulations on being so close to having your very own land! And a house trailer to live in while you build your house. Wow, sounds as if things are really starting to happen! Hooray for you!

    Oh, and best of luck when you go to see the lawyer. I really hope that all works out in your favor.

  5. Well Mama Pea, after weighing all the options, as much as I hate snow and cold, I can't really leave. My parents are here, and they are going to need help. Fact of the matter is, like most other families, that falls to the girl aka: me. My brothers will be around, but they aren't going to help my mom if my dad's cancer should come back, take care of him physically.
    And financially, this just seems the better option at the moment. It would take a lot to get rid of most of what we own, then rebuild with 2nd hand once we got down there. It's the plan for now....what the next 6 months will bring...only time will tell.

    Thanks for the wishes at the lawyers:) She is fantastic, and I am sure she can straighten this mess out quicker than I could.

  6. Things go better with a lawyer involved. Sounds like your planning is well under way. Good Luck.

  7. This is exciting! I read you reply to Mama Pea's question and it sounds like you've done a good job of analyzing your options and making the decision that's best for you and your family. I hope things go smoothly from here on out!

  8. Thanks Leigh:) It was a tough decision to make, because I really wanted to head further south. But my parents have always been there for me, and it's my turn to be there for them:)