January 14, 2012


I slept late this morning (8 am), which felt fabulous! But I also didn't go to bed until 1 am. I was late getting home from my date with Sir Jack. It went wonderful :). We met and went out for a bite to eat and enjoyed just sitting and chatting for a couple hours. Funny, when we dated before, he was not a talker. Last night he was very chatty, and I learned more about him in those few hours than I had in the previous months of dating. Not that I expect him to be wanting to gab all the time, quiet is good, and I enjoy a day of not saying much myself. But it was good to hear stories about when he was a kid and such. I need to get to know someone, find out who they are, how they think.

On my way home, my truck was making a horrible noise. Hard to describe, proven by the fact that I tried to this morning when asking my brother if he could take a look at it. I went out this morning and checked all my fluids, added a quart of oil, and the truck refused to make the sound again. I know I need my universal joint in the back replaced. I could have sworn it was coming from the engine area though, not underneath. We will know more in the next few days. I am going to see about picking up the universal joints (brother says you should do the front too, if you are going to do the back), and he will swap them out for me.

I think today will be spent puttering. I need to do a load or two of laundry, move my bureau out of my room (I have enough room in my closet now to put all my clothes in there), and getting another bureau from the basement to put in the boy's room. One, 6-drawer bureau just isn't enough for them, especially since they have an aversion to hanging things in the very large closet in their room. They desperately need to clean their room, since there is barely a walking path at the moment. Think Tom and I will work on that some this week. Both of my boys are super packrats!

I am also going to see about getting more done in the garage today, so I can get rid of the rest of that stuff. Might not get it to the dump until tomorrow, but that's ok. If I just get it ready (bagged, boxed, etc.) that will be one step closer. I was hoping to ditch the huge fish tank that is out there, that we were given, since my son Joe seemed to forget it was out there. But once he saw it last weekend, the wheels in his brain started to turn again. Rather than use it for a terrarium, he now wants to make a replica of a small inlet are of our lake in it. Don't ask....I don't anymore lol. I told him it has to stay in the garage though.

Speaking of cleaning.....I came home last night to find that my 14 yr old, Tom, had cleaned the entire living room. I about fell over, as he proudly proclaimed that he even vacuumed! Not sure what got into him, he hates cleaning, but I will not complain lol. It's one more thing I don't have to do today.

And just a little share of what my son Joe has been doing lately (it's still a work in progress, he isn't quite done with it):
It's funny, he has a super over-analytic brain, but he also has his artistic side. He has been busy carving a lot lately. Who knows, maybe it will become a little business for him. He made a beautiful boat, totally carved by hand, for his father for Christmas. It was only about 8 inches long, but the detail that he put into it was amazing. I think it gives him a relaxing thing to do, to put his brain to rest a bit.

Hope you all have a productive weekend :)


  1. Love the carving-what a great new hobby for your son. He shows talent for it. And it keeps em occupied (read: out of trouble!)

  2. I'm almost afraid it will go away again, but I just now got a comment box up on my screen on your blog so I can enter comments again! Cross your fingers, please!

    Sounds as if there has been some kind of a change in Sir Jack! So glad to hear the two of you had a nice evening.

    Your son's carvings are something I know you'll support and provide encouragement for. I think it's so important to work with one's hands.

    Good luck on getting the truck straightened out. How I hate "strange" noises in vehicles!

  3. Please keep on eye on your oil. I check mine every time I fuel. I can check 7 days a week and it doesn't move. Don't check one time and its down a qt. Go figure. Check your tire pressure when your tires are hot, when we return home at the end of your day. Also keep your car/truck as lite as possible. the less you carry the lighter the car, the better your gas mileage.

    If you carry BOB and such leave them in. Mostly any junk. My mom carried around a bunch of old books, she always forgot to take them out, and other stuff.

  4. Thanks Sue:) Yes he does seem to have a natural talent for it:)

  5. Yeah Mama Pea!!! You are "back", so must be Blogger resolved it's issues, at least for the time being. I am hoping for the best with Sir Jack, but like I said before, one day at a time. It sure was nice though to have a good night with him!!! Yes, I always let my kids have free range with most of their passions, and this one will be no different. He asked for a set of carving tools for Christmas, and his dad made sure he got them, so he is onboard with it too. The truck is scaring me, like most things financial lately. I wish my tax stuff would hurry up and come in already, so I can get it done and get caught up.

  6. I don't drive very much Rob, usually a couple miles down the road to my mom's, or once a week (sometimes every other) to the grocery store. I always keep an eye on my fluids and such, part of being a mechanic's daughter LOL. This is something that has been coming on for awhile. The truck needs work, but unfortunately, I will probably have to wait on it until taxes come in. Time will tell. Praying it is something minor.

  7. I'm impressed with your son - all my boys "carve" are sharp points into sticks!

    I hope you get your truck issues taken care of soon!

  8. LOL Mystic, mine do that too. If I could collect all the "weapons" they have made, I could start my own army!! LOL:) Thanks for the well wishes on the truck.

  9. Love the carving - my boys want to get into that, too!

  10. Thanks Mama Tea:) He started out with a simple little pocket knife a few years ago. Now that he is 16 and it's not just a passing phase, we got him actual carving tools.