January 19, 2012

Thursday, Thursday

Good morning everyone! Hope this Thursday finds you all doing well:) So first let's address yesterdays "non" post. While my blog is not one of the top 100 on the internet (or probably in the top 20,000)...as a person who learns and utilizes the internet for everything from homeschooling to how to get my homestead going, I felt it was only right to support the protest yesterday that would possibly take that resource away from me. Thanks for your patience.

Now, onto updates. I went to see the lawyer on Tuesday afternoon, and with one phone call (how come lawyers are taken more seriously than the actual people they represent?), she got my issue with SSDI straightened out. Apparently, in most cases, workman's comp settlements are figured at a weekly rate. This is then put into the SS computers, and an offset is taken. Understandable. Well my workman's comp settlement was always figured at the monthly rate of $39.20 (spread over 20+ yrs). Can you see where I am going with this? Yep....they put my monthly rate in the system as a weekly rate, thus socking me nearly $160/mo as an offset that they would take out of my check. I barely get enough to survive on as it is, and they were going to take more. I am assured by the gentleman that we spoke to at SS, that it will be corrected asap, so it doesn't affect my next benefit payment. That is a huge stress relief off my mind!

We do science experiments every week with two other homeschool mom's who live nearby. One of those moms had kittens to find homes for and I am happy to say that we are getting one. He is a male, and I have already named him Tig. I will be so happy to have someone to snuggle again, since I lost my cat Tater about 5 months back. We have my daughter's cat, but she is not a snuggler. Besides, she is my daughter's not mine. I can't wait until today's science get together, as I am pretty sure I will get to bring Tig home finally.

I have been experimenting with the rug idea again, and think I have found a solution to the "tail" problem. Here is a photo of my latest attempt:
What I ended up doing is holding the rope at the beginning so that it overlapped itself about 2 inches or so, then crocheting over that double thickness. This worked the tail in so I didn't have to worry about it at the end. It made it a little hard on my hand (I am a righty, and that is my arm that is affected with CRPS), but it worked out well. You can see, if you click on the photo to enlarge it, that there are a few stray strands of the end of the rope peeking out. I am not too worried about these, and am thinking I will just cut them off once I am done. Maybe add a dab of gorilla glue or something just to tack it in place and make sure no more strays appear. Overall, I am very happy with it so far. It measures about 10" across at the moment. I will go a bit larger with this color and then switch to another color. I don't know if I will be able to make a nice transition, but that is half the fun with homemade items....being creative.

On another note, my truck is sick. Not hugely, not ever going to be able to drive it again sick, but sick. The U-joints finally hit their failing point. But my daughter is home through at least the weekend, so I have my old car to use while the truck is being fixed. Thank goodness for my younger brother, who said he would do it for me.

Ok, off to get some more housework done, and finish up our short homeschooling day before we head out for science. Hope you all have a fabulous day!


  1. Life sure would be a lot easier without all the glitches we have to tend to, wouldn't it? So the powers that be entered once a week rather than once a month, eh? Have you noticed there seems to be a whole heckuva lot of these (stoopid) mistakes being made all across the board. It's like people aren't even thinking when they do their jobs. Sigh. Okay, 'nuf of that.

    Really like the looks of your rug. Eager to see it with the next color.

    Hope your truck can be put back into good health quickly. We just can't operate these days without a vehicle, that's for sure.

  2. I'm going to have to try crocheting a cord like that....looks like it's going to make one heavy-duty (but nice look'n) rug!

  3. It sure would be easier Mama Pea! But while I still stress about things like this situation, I handle it much better than I did when I was 20. Rather than get all annoyed that the lady at SS couldn't give me a straight answer about the situation, I did what seemed logical...called the lawyer who helped me do it.
    And yes, accidents happen, people are human, but it does seem that people are becoming more careless.

    Thanks on the rug, can't wait to start the next color!
    I sure can't operate w/out my vehicle. I can get a few things at the local store down the hill, but the walk up will kill you, and they are expensive!