January 9, 2012

Times Change....Or Do They?

I am just started reading a new book this morning on my Google Books app. It's titled "Ten Acres Enough". You can buy it in the Amazon store here, but it is also available free on Google books here.

While I am only about ten pages into this book, it has already hit home for me. Things change....or do they? This book was written in 1864 by Edmund Morris. He laments in the first chapter about the unstable financial situation that has been happening in his business world, and the issues that face most people living Philadelphia.

When speaking about tough times between 1837 and 1842:
"Previous to this crisis, necessity had driven me to the banks for discounts, one of the sore evils of doing business upon insufficient capital. As is always the case with these institutions, they compelled me to return the borrowed money at the very time it was least convenient for me to do so. They needed it as urgently as myself."

And on talking about his investigation into farming and moving away from the city:
"The leading idea in my mind was this, that a man of ordinary industry and intelligence, by choosing a proper location within hourly reach of a great city market could so cultivate a few acres as to insure a maintenance for his family free from the ruinous vibrations of trade or commerce in the metropolis. All my reading served to convince me of its soundness. I did not assume that he could get rich on the few acres which I ever expected to own, but I felt assured that he could place himself above want. I knew that his peace of mind would be sure. With me this was dearer than all."

Sound familiar? It does to me, very much what I am hearing in my own head, as well as from most people I know. I will update you as I continue to read this book, and let you know what else I learn.


  1. This sounds exactly like the sort of book I love to read. Thank you for the heads up! Also for the link to Google books. :)

  2. My pleasure Leigh:) You can download it in pdf form too from Google books. I am getting so I find so much great information in the older books than I do the newer books:)

  3. It is so true that history repeats itself. Why don't we as a society get any smarter?

  4. I think that is the question of the century :)