January 29, 2012

Update :)

Just wanted to drop by quickly and give you all an update, as I promised.  So without further adieu.....

-Truck:  I went and checked out the "newer" Blazer at the garage yesterday.  It was not the one I saw as I drove by the other day.  It is a 1998 Blazer.  It's in super shape, and almost identical to my 1997 Bravada, inside and out.  One of the huge differences is that it is NOT all wheel drive, but push button 4wd.  Which means I will not have issues with transfer cases again.  He has already put all new ball joints in it, and will be replacing the thermostat on Monday (the heat is not great in it).  John, the owner of the garage is going to take the Bravada back, and take $500 off the price of the Blazer.  He will switch my brand new tires to it, and let me have it around the middle of the week, despite the fact that I cannot pay until taxes come in sometime the following week.  Gosh I love local businesses, and how they look out for the people who live in town.  He is going to do a full tune up, put an inspection sticker and 20 day plates on it so I can have it asap.  One less stress on my mind.

-Taxes: Despite redoing the forms from the IRS site, they still rejected it.  I was going to call them to let them know that there was an issue with their forms, but decided not to waste my time.  I went to the IRS site and used Turbo Tax for free.  I am glad I did!  I somehow messed up doing the child tax credit and am getting back more than I thought I would.  Turbo Tax was super easy to use, and my return was accepted within hours.  Now to just wait for the money to hit my bank so I can get caught up on bills.

So, what's on the Sunday agenda?  I was going to putter getting some stuff done here (housework, laundry, etc).  I still will, but first I am going to hang out with my mom for a few hours.  My dad and brother are both gone for the day and she wants to rearrange her bedroom.  She has a serious back issue, I have a serious arm/shoulder issue.  As my daughter would say: "Two gimps are better than one". LOL!  Between the two of us, we should be able to finangle the bureau and such where she wants it.  She is hoping to get that room painted this summer.  In all the years they have spent turning a 4 room summer camp into a full house, their bedroom has never had an upgrade.  It still doesn't have trim around the windows, and still has the plywood subfloor (with a carpet over it).  She definitely deserves it!

Hope you all have a super Sunday!!!


  1. It sounds as if you have good deal with John at the local garage and that you can trust him and he will look out for you. Our old, reliable '85 Toyota Tercel has push-button 4WD and it is wonderful. It has gotten me out of tricky spots jiffy-quick more times than I can count.

    Glad you got your income tax return on it way. Wish we had ours done.

    Between you and your mom, you've got one good body. Just don't strain anything using your half!

  2. I do Mama Pea, and am grateful there are still a few good local businesses like that. And if I can't get my brother to work on my vehicles, and I have the money, John is the only one I take them to.
    Hehe, Mom and I survived just fine moving stuff, although it took us a few times to get the bureau where it would work and still let dad have his recliner in there.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. The new truck sounds great! And see you did not have to do all that worry.
    I love my truck and need to get some work done on it when the TAX'S get back. But I use it for so much on the Homestead and back and forth to work (115 miles each day!). I got it two years ago with 12,000 miles on it and now it has 70,000! Miles add up fast!

  4. Isn't that always the way though Tom, we worry ourselves sick lol. Yeah, I am grateful I don't have to travel 100 miles a day anymore to work, it was a brutal ride, especially in the winter.