January 13, 2012

Will Government Require an ID?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few days here in the state, after the primary, about requiring a photo ID to vote. Proof that you are not only a U.S. citizen, that has the privilege and right to vote, but also that you are who you say you are. NH doesn't require any sort of ID to vote. You just go in, tell them your name, they check that you are on the list to vote for that town, and hand you a ballot.

In last Tuesday's primary, it came out a day later, that Project Veritas was able to get ballots of recently deceased people, because no ID is needed. They never voted with these ballots, but used a hidden camera, and did it just to prove how lax our requirements are when it comes to voting. Anyone with an agenda to skew voting would just have to scan the obits for the last few months, and would be able to walk into any town hall, claim they are that person, obtain their ballot, and vote in their place.

There is just so much wrong with this. Governor Lynch is screaming from the roof tops that Project Veritas should be investigated, and criminal charges brought. Why???? Because they showed that we are weak in our systems? Because they made you look like a fool just before you leave office (which can't be soon enough in my opinion)? Governor Lynch just needs to be quiet, finish out his last bit of his term, and leave the real governing to the state house.

Another story about IDs was brought to my attention this morning by Rob, over at Rob's Bunker. This is a case where IDs are going to be used, in my opinion, merely to allow the government to spy on us. Basically it is that the Obama administration wants each person who uses the internet to have a government issued ID. Supposedly, according to them, for our own protection when doing such things as online banking.

I don't buy it. There are times when IDs are necessary: driving, voting, banking, etc. But when it comes to the internet, why do you need me to have an ID? So you can track what I read or watch online? So you can keep an eye on my anti-administration posts on social media or my blog?

I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination, and while I want to be self-sufficient due to the economy and my own mental well being, I do not think Armageddon is around the corner. What I do think though, is that this current administration is over stepping their authority. You do not have the right to monitor my activities. I am no threat to your power, other than I will be less dependent on my government as soon as I am able to be. I have no desire to be labeled a terrorist or anarchist just because I don't agree with your policies, or what you are trying to do to the country I love.

Ok, rant over. Whew, that got me fired up for the day! Maybe it was a good thing, since I only got about 4hrs sleep last night. I have a sinus issue that might need a phone call to the doc for a prescription. I just wish it would go away.

We ended up with about 5 inches of snow from yesterday's storm. Schools were cancelled, and I cancelled my appointment with the lawyer. The roads were just too bad to be out and about. I will be going to see the lawyer on Tuesday instead. Today there is already a 2 hour delay for my high schooler, because we are getting freezing rain this morning. I have already decided to just keep him home for a long weekend. We didn't get around to shoveling yesterday, so both boys will be sent out to do that today.

And on a more pleasant note, Sir Jack and I will be having our first "get together" tonight, since reconnecting through email on Christmas Eve. I am going into it with an open mind and heart, but also enough caution to run the other way if he is not serious about this. Wish me luck!


  1. Another fine post. Thanks for the mention, I notice yesterday I had a visitor from IRAN. Oh yea, made me nerviness . I don't want some asking why I had communications with IRAN.

    Glad your staying safe you are very smart to keep the kids around the home today. be sure to have some hot cocoa for them. have a good one.

    Your friend...Rob

  2. I'm so glad you're a smart chickie when it comes to men. Don't let the heart do the talking!
    Well, maybe just a teensy little bit.....


  3. Thanks Rob. It just baffles the mind how our government officials think. Uck on the visitor, don't blame you for being nervous. Definitely lots of hot chocolate flowing here:)

  4. Well I like to think I am smart when it comes to that Sue, but after two failed marriages, I wonder.

  5. Good thought provoking post, although I have to humbly disagree with one thing you said:
    "I am no threat to your power, other than I will be less dependent on my government as soon as I am able to be."
    That IS a threat to them. If you do not need "them" then they have no power over you. Our government is striving to be involved in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our lives until we are convinced that we cannot live without them. And then we WILL be slaves.

    Ok, MY rant's over now :)

    Good luck on your "meeting" and keep warm!

  6. Great point Carolyn, hadn't thought of it like that, but you are right. :)