January 12, 2012


This is outside my back door a few minutes ago. It's just starting to ramp up, starting a bit later than they expected it to. They are saying 4-8", with an icy mix, and then possibly rain tomorrow for a bit, which will then freeze due to temps dropping into the teens.

Fun, fun. I got up at 5am even though I knew for the most part that I would be keeping my high schooler home today. Sure enough at 5:30 they cancelled our bus transportation to the high school (they go to a school two towns away). Then a half hour later the high school finally cancelled.

Normally I wouldn't even venture anywhere today, due to the storm, but I need to go see the lawyer. I might wait and see what the roads look like around noon time, and make my decision to cancel or not then. I really don't want to, but probably can get in to see her early next week.

Not much else on the agenda today other than puttering around the house. I also need to call the electric company. Because of no propane, I had to use electric heaters to keep the house warm, which made my electric bill shoot up in the "heart attack" range. I don't want them to shut me off, so need to check my bank account and see what I can do to come up with at least a little bit to pay them, and make some sort of arrangement until taxes go through.

That is another thing I need to do, research my best option for e-filing this year. I believe, though don't quote me on this, because I get SSDI, I might be able to file for free. Seems I remember reading or hearing this somewhere. I don't have my W-2 yet, but expect it any day in the mail. By e-filing, I will have my return within a week or two of filing and can get caught up on all the bills. Not my ideal way to spend the money, but it must be done.

I can also finally pay off a $200 doctor's bill that has been hanging over my head for a year. I am fortunate not to have a lot of bills, other than the monthlies. Those are enough.

I was reading the final breakdown today on our local news station's website, from the voting results in the primary we had on Tuesday. Totally disgusting. There are approximately 5,000 people who live in this town full time. Of those 5,000...only 897 people voted. Now I get the frustration that is swarming around the country. I really do, I feel it every single day in my own life. And yes, sometimes it feels like your vote doesn't count. But really, the apathy I see when it comes to voting annoys me to no end. People in other countries will die to have the right to vote, yet in this country we all just sit on our butts and complain. We take so much for granted. (soap box rant done:P)

On another note, you will notice in my homesteading linky on the sidebar, that I have added some new blogs. I love going through and finding new ones to read...they may inspire me, teach me, or just make me smile. Hope you take a few minutes to check them out and show them some love.

I am going to be updating the Free Library tab at the top with some more resources. I let it slide, and it is just general links. I want to post some specific links to books I have read or want to read. Maybe it will help you out as well:)

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Just found your blog, wanted to say hi. I agree about the election, if more people don't get involved we are doomed (may be already) Hope you get your heat situation sorted out I know it's a concern.
    Stay warm, Duke.

  2. I also found your Blog and have gone back to the begining to read from there. lots to learn and lots to share with others! Come on by some time and read about the Worms!

  3. Thanks Tom :) Your blog looks great, can't wait to see your ideas.

  4. Hi - thanks for the add!

    I know what you mean about the voting. I've always voted and am amzed that other peple don't, but I have to admit; I may not this year. I'm just so fed up with all the lies I'm not seeing the point. Maybe I'll change my mind as it gets closer, but for right now I'm just not feeling it - sad.

    Good luck with getting your tax return asap - and hopefully you'll have enough left over to buy yourself a little something!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Mystic:) I love your blog, and if I get my wish, we will be doing the same thing you are in a few months. We will be on 3 acres here in NH. Just have to find the 2nd hand trailer first. But I don't have the brood you do either:) Just 2 home now.