February 22, 2012


I almost had that quiet day I prayed for yesterday, but it wasn't meant to be.
At 3pm I left my parent's after going to get my father's new medication at the drugstore.  By 3:30 I was getting a phone call from my younger brother that my father was in a seizure again.  By 4pm we were putting him in the back of my truck to bring him to a hospital 30 minutes away.  By this time the major part of the seizure was over, but he wasn't coming back out of it like he had with the previous ones.  He also showed some signs of right side paralysis.

After several hours in the ER, they admitted him (thank goodness!).  My mother and I made it home about 10pm.

There is good news in this though.  When he saw the radiologist yesterday, the doctor was disappointed that the other hospital did the scan of his brain without dye.  So he got him in ASAP for an MRI with dye.  We got the call just before his seizure that it is just ONE tumor.  That is a huge relief.  There was a concern that there was more than one.

It is a left frontal lobe tumor, just above the eyebrow, measuring 3.2 cm.  That is a pretty large tumor.  But he is seeing a special radiologist today, who specializes in a concentrated form of radiation that will target that spot only on his brain.  It is a high dose radiation of 4 treatments.  His current doctor thinks he is a perfect candidate for it, but this other doctor, who does the actual procedure has to agree.

If they don't agree with that, then he will see his regular radiologist and have whole brain radiation.  The problem with this treatment is that it can cause short term memory loss, similar to dementia.  We will know more today.

The biggest concern right now is to get the seizures under control.  Each seizure can cause damage to the brain that cannot be recovered.  This is something we are concerned about with his issue of having a type of aphasia right now.  He is struggling to come up with the words he wants to say.  But the doctor says that will most likely go away once they shrink the tumor.

Part of me is regretting making plans to go to NC, and part of me is relieved.  But I can't undo it now because I will loose a good chunk of money.  My mother assures me that it's ok to still go.  Maybe that week away, even though I will be in daily contact with my mother, will give me a bit of recharging, like Mama Pea suggested yesterday.  Help me to get over the hurdles we are going to face in the next few months.

Today will be spent at the hospital again.  I am taking my mom down probably this morning, and we will wait for the new radiologist to make the determination on which treatment option he will have.  It's mine and my mother's hope that they keep him admitted and just do the treatment while he is there.  It would be so much easier, and they can administer the meds by iv to prevent the seizures (or stop one when it starts).  If my mother doesn't bring it up to the doctor, I probably will.

Thank you all for your prayers.  It is more appreciated than you can ever know.



  1. Take one day at a time. I know what kind of stress you are going through. You have many, many folks who are praying for you, both of your parents, and family.

    We will be here for you, if you want to vent at any time.


  3. I know it sounds easy for us to say because we're not the ones going through all this, but try to take it easy. And definitely take the trip to NC. There's nothing you can do and your Dad will understand, you may end up getting ill yourself from all the stress if you don't get just a little bit of down-time.

  4. Oh, sweetie....I am so sorry your dad has gone through this....that your family has gone through this. Thank the Lord the it is only one tumor. Praying a complete healing for your dad!

    Love you!


  5. I tried to post yesterday but blogger wasn't agreeing with me. You continue to be in my prayers! I'm sorry for this struggle you're all going through but thank God you're going through it together. That being said, I do agree with everyone that you should STILL go on your trip! YOU need that and I'm sure your Dad would agree. :) Prayers to you and your family...

  6. Thank you for the prayers Mama Tea:)