February 24, 2012


I am a homebody by design.  I am not a person who enjoys "running the roads".  If I had my druthers, I wouldn't leave my  home for weeks on end.  And especially if it is for something like a major illness in our family.

Thankfully, I get to stay home today.  Dad came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  The new meds they have him on for seizures are working.  They will be increasing the dose next week, to make sure there are no breakthrough seizures, but so far so good.  Unfortunately, stress has him scared he will have another, which is understandable.  They have given him something for the anxiety as well.

He did his special MRI yesterday, as well as having the mask/frame made for his procedure.  They have scheduled the procedure for March 8th.  That is good, I will be home from my trip by then.  Although it is going to seem like forever, while waiting, especially for him.  But we will get through it.

I am glad he is home, not just for his sake, but also my mom's.  While it gave her a sense of relief to have him in the hospital where they could keep an eye on him, and she knew help was on hand in case he had a seizure, she is very much a homebody like me.  All the running is taking it's toll on her.  Maybe today she can get some extra rest.  She is exhausted and you can see it.

I will be spending the day getting the house cleaned up a bit before I leave for my trip.  I will also be getting some extra rest myself.  Maybe a nap in the afternoon.  We are getting a nasty storm today.  It was due to be here this morning, but has slowed down a bit, so won't hit till about noon.  Sadly, a good chunk of it for about 5 hours is going to be a snow/freezing mix.  It is supposed to be out of here sometime overnight.  Guess winter isn't done with us just yet.

The kitten is doing good, although I still say he is a bit of "hell on wheels".  Came home yesterday to find a roll of toilet paper shredded in the bathroom lol.  I am praying that when I get him fixed in April it will calm him down a bit.  Sorry to the guys who read this blog, I know that speaking of any living male species getting "adjusted" is a touchy subject, but this cat seriously needs an adjustment lol.

I hope you all have a fabulous day, and thank you again for keeping us in prayer.  It means the world to me!


  1. Glad things are slowing down a bit for you and Yay on dad getting to be home!

    I am such a homebody and know exactly what you mean. If it weren't for hubby-I'd probably stay home for MONTHS at a time......

  2. Thanks for keeping us all updated, Stephanie. Even though the circumstances are difficult, I know your mom will rest better now that she can be home (and have your dad right there). We home bodies just don't do well if taken out of our "home havens" for any length of time!

    Hoping the storm coming your way doesn't make for any nasty conditions. Snuggle in at home, rest and enjoy the comforts of being there.

  3. Grateful to hear you all are home..it's always more comforting to be in a familiar place. We will continue to pray for your family. God bless you.