February 28, 2012

I Made It

My flight was uneventful. I did get a tad bit queasy on take off and landing, but nothing major.  The pilot said we would be able to see the Washington monument but by the time we flew over DC it was too cloudy. 

I had no problems switching planes thankfully. My flight coming in and my flight going out were on the same concourse, so I just had to go from one end to the other.

One thing I can't get over so far down here is how they seem to be several months ahead of us, weather-wise.  I could hear crickets outside last night!  We wont here them up north for another 3 months.  But my cousin reminded me, they have had a mild winter just like we have.

Another observation: they have real trees just like we do.  I know, what the heck is she talking about?  When I was in SC years ago I noticed that not many of there trees get very tall.  Maybe 30ft or so.  Coming from where we have pine trees over 100ft tall, I kept calling them fake trees.  But here in NC, while they dont have towering pines, most of their trees are normal height just like at home.

Today I will be doing some baking with my cousin. Going to make coffee cake and homemade bread :).  My aunt is craving both.

And here were my coffee buddies this morning: Fancy and Kirby, my cousin's beagles.


  1. Hurray for your first flight being a smooth one!

    Enjoy your time getting reacquainted with your extended family . . . including sweet-looking Fancy and Kirby!

  2. Thank you Mama Pea!

    Rob I accidentally deleated your comment but I will let you know the differnces as I observe them :)

  3. Welcome to N.C. and yes we do have real trees. They are clear-cut in some areas for pulp wood to make paper.
    Hope you enjoy your stay!

  4. Thank you Tom :) I really like it.

  5. No issues with the TSA on your flights? I am really longing to visit my friend in TX and also really wanted to go to a homeschool convention in SC next month...but I am still concerned about myself or my daughters being assaulted by the agents. I would even tolerate the scanners if I could guarantee no groping.

  6. Tina, not at all. I was a great process through our airport in NH, just had to put my stuff in the bin and take my shoes off. I walked into the scanner, held my arms up for a second or two, and then they had me come out. I had to show them the palms of my hands, and I was free to go. I will let you know how it goes on Monday when I leave. I will be going through a much larger airport to leave here.