February 13, 2012

I've been Tagged :)

John, over at The Simple Life, tagged me in the "11 questions" meme.  There are no specific rules to this one, so....the questions and answers follow:

 1.  What is your favorite place in the world?
I am going to have to say NH, where I live. I have moved away several times, but always come back "home".  Although I haven't been able to live my dream of visiting Ireland or Australia yet, maybe one of them would be my new "favorite".

2.  Who is your favorite person?
I honestly can't say I have a favorite person.  I love being around different people for different reasons.  My mom-for her no nonsense look at life.  My dad-for his sense of humor (when he is not grumbling lol). My kids-they teach me so much!.  The list is endless.

3.  I'm happiest when....
This one is hard too...boy John, you are making me think too much this early! LOL!  I guess I am happiest when I know I am doing something for myself.  I may have had to get outside advice, but when the task is done, and I know that I did it myself, I feel a sense of pride in myself.

4.  Most admired public figure of the last 100 years.
Strong women, hands down.  I can't name one single one, because many of them are not known.  Especially those women who raised families on their own.  For many reasons (death of a spouse, spouse walking out, etc), they stuck to their guns, and despite hard times, raised their children on their own.  Doing whatever they needed to do, to make sure their children had their basic needs met, and knew they were loved.

5.  My first job was....
There was a house across the street from ours, that when I was a kid, a wonderful woman lived there with her giant St. Bernard dog.  Sometimes she would babysit us for my mother.  I don't remember if she moved or passed away, but it was bought by some local folks and turned into a restaurant and ice cream take out place.
At 14 I started working as one of only 2 waitresses in the restaurant.  I started at 5am and finished at 2pm.  By the end of the first year they had the ice cream area set up, and I also worked there.  For 4 summers I worked 5am-2pm in the restaurant, and then 4-11pm in the ice cream area.
It was great fun, since I worked with many friends over those summers.  It is also the job that got me my issues with my wrists...multiple cases of tendonitis from scooping ice cream that was too hard.  They had no freezers with temperature regulation, so we were constantly having to take ice cream from a freezer that worked too well, and put it in a freezer that didn't keep it quite as hard.  Definitely a learning experience, but that first job got me my driver's license, and many things that I couldn't have gotten otherwise.

6.  I am most at peace when....
When I am home, with no place to have to go to. I dislike "running".  I would easily be a hermit, not leaving my house for weeks if I could get away with it.

7.  Who has inspired you the most between the ages of 6 to 18?
There are lots of people who could be put in this answer.  Too many actually.  So I will include a group...certain teachers that I was blessed to have while growing up.  There are maybe 4, that I can recall.  I don't remember all their names, and that is ok.  I disliked school.  Hated it actually.  I spent more time fending off bullies, than I did learning.  I was a dork in elementary school, and being in a small town, I was an easy target.  Add into that the fact that I was an overly emotional child, and you have the "perfect storm" (oh man, I wish I knew about homeschooling back then!!).
But there were certain teachers, who saw something in me.  My love for reading, my love of drawing/painting.  They let those lead me, and taught me how to love learning.  Because of them, I am a life long learner.....I am always looking for the challenge of learning something new.  I get a thrill from it.  So thank you to those rare teachers!

8.  I wanted to grow up to be....
A nurse.  I didn't follow through on this, but came close, being a Licensed Nursing assistant all through my 20's, and again a few years ago.  I love taking care of others, and maybe providing a little bit of comfort to them.

9.  Favorite movie:
So many to choose from!  City of Angels-because while I know this kind of love is rare, I always prayed I would find someone who would give as much as I do in a relationship (still waiting lol).  My most recent favorite is Steal a Pencil for Me  it is the beautiful story of a couple who survived the most horrific time in recent history, the Holocaust, to be together.

10.  Favorite type of music?
Finally, and easy question!  Country and bluegrass.  

11.  Best life changing decision made?
I thought this would be a hard one, but it really isn't.  Marrying my first husband, Michael.  While it didn't last, I was blessed with three amazing children from this marriage.  He gave me a gift I had always wanted...to be a mom.  I am friends with him again, after many years of slowly rebuilding a relationship after both of us being hurt by our actions towards each other.  And as parents, we may not be perfect, but we work hard, as a team, to make sure our children have what they need (not what they want!LOL), and to make sure they know right from wrong.  We both make mistakes, always have, but marrying him was hands down the best decision I ever made. 

Feel free to tag yourself for this meme, and share your answers on your blog:)

Have a great day!               


  1. #6 is one I struggle with. I love being home. I could go weeks without going into town. But, I know that's also the LAST thing I should do....I don't want to turn into the crazy woman with the garden. Oh wait, maybe I have-LOL!

  2. What a lovely post! So interesting to get glimpses like this into one another's lives. I love all your answers. :)

  3. LOL Sue, I am the same way. I also avoid the phone most days if I can help it. Drives people batty that I keep it on vibrate all the time.

  4. Thanks John, it was actually pretty fun to do!

  5. Thank you Leigh! It was a fun way to reflect on a Monday:)

    1. well said,thanks for sharing all that with us. it would take me a month to answer all those questions.homebody for a home schooled for her children, with a new home in mind for the future. I might have grown strong through the years but I doubt I was as strong as you when I was your age to go it alone.

  6. "Favorite Movie" thats a tough ones, seems to change pretty often.