February 6, 2012

Monday Ramblings

-Yes, sadly, my Patriots lost.  But, had a great time at my brother's, watching the game.  Also ate way too much taco pizza!

-Got the dump sticker for the new truck, so can finally get rid of all the stuff I pulled out of the boy's room two weeks ago.

-Need to do some grocery shopping today.  I haven't had Tom do much as far as pricing stuff, so think we will use this for our math today.  Gosh I love homeschooling!

-Seems the best preventative measure for the flea infestation is the vacuum.  I used stuff on the carpets, furniture and cats, but the vacuum does the best job.  My normal household vacuum doesn't work well when using the hose, so I spent a few dollars and bought a little Shop Vac.  It's lightweight, sucks up tons (yes I found a few random legos in the couch cushions lol).  I went berserk this weekend vacuuming both days, and will keep doing it daily for at least a few more. Tig still has a few random ones on him, here and there, that I have been picking off and killing.
All bedding was put in the dryer to kill anything on it.  It's a never ending cycle :(.  I did put flea collars on both cats after their baths, and am trying a bit of water/lemon juice mixture around Tig's head (don't want to use chemical stuff near his face, and read online that fleas dislike citrus).

-An opportunity might be available by the time my lease is up in June, to live right next door to my land, for cheap.  Not going to say much yet, there are too many variables that need to fall into place.  Just keep me in prayers that it works out.

Have a super Monday!


  1. We had a flea infestation when I moved out many many years ago. What a nightmare! I dislike the toxic chemicals used on flea collars/etc. Best of luck in getting rid of the last of them.

  2. Sounds like some nice plans. I would love to clean out my teens rooms a bit- might need two dump trucks.
    Hopefully your relocation opportunity works out well..sounds like it would be really nice.

  3. Hope you get good news on your new living arrangements!

  4. Oh, gosh! Being able to rent and live right next door to your land would be FANTASTIC! What could be more convenient?? I'll be sending good thoughts about this and hope to hear good news from you soon.

  5. Thanks Sue:) It is driving me a bit batty, but I think we might have it under control finally.

  6. I had no choice on the boy's room Simply Scaife...I couldn't walk in it anymore:)

  7. Thanks Mama Pea:) There are a couple things that need to align with the planets perfectly, but praying it comes through, it would be ideal.

  8. Hey, I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award so go check it out on MDR