February 17, 2012

NC Here I Come!

Well, it is official!  I am going to visit my aunt in NC for a week:)  I bought my ticket yesterday online, and am so excited!  By choosing to fly on Monday, both down and back, I saved over $200.  The boys will be on vacation for all but one day while I am down there, which will make it easier for my mom.  No having to get the older one up for the bus, and no trying to get the younger to do his homeschooling for me.

I am nervous as all get out, about flying.  I have never been on a plane before.  One thing I made sure of with my flights, is that because I have to change flights once each way, it is the same airline.  For the most part it should be seamless, since I won't have to leave the area of the airport where I get off one plane, to get onto the next.  No racing from one end of an airport to the other, to jump on a plane for an entirely different airline, with only minutes to spare.

I was shocked though to see that it will cost me $25 each way to have one suitcase checked in.  Yet if I were flying overseas it would be free?  Go figure.  But that is our airlines for you, gouging you at every turn.  If I could, I would just take a carry on.  I am not a clothes hound, and don't need a lot for a week's stay.  But sadly, they limit the size of the carry on, and even I can't fit a week's worth of stuff into something that small.

I am going to watch the weather for the week before, for down there.  My prayer is that I can get away with some tshirts and a sweater to wear daily.  I obviously will be wearing my winter jacket when I leave.  We are mild this year, but not that mild lol.  I was going to take my laptop, but have decided against it.  I will have my phone with me, which has internet, so why drag the laptop along?  And my aunt has a computer, so I can always jump on hers if I want.

In other news:  I think I am the ONLY ONE in New England not upset that we aren't having winter.  Not a real winter anyway.  We have seen a few storms here and there over the last few months, with a couple inches of snow.  But nothing that really has lasted.  Sure beats the feet of snow we had weekly last year.  As I am typing this, the rain is coming down...expected to end by noon.  We are in the high 40's, and I am glad!  I noticed yesterday when I went outside, that we had good sized buds on the azalea bushes, and some of the trees are budding too.  Seems spring is just around the corner.

My goal this weekend is to get some more "junk" out of the garage.  My desire to get rid of the clutter, and downsize is driving me nuts.  I had a few weeks without a vehicle, so that kind of put a halt to any trips to the dump or Salvation Army.  Now I can get back to it.  Once the garage is cleaned out, then I will tackle the basement.  We did a good job getting rid of a lot of stuff last year when we went through boxes that were still down there from our move, but there is more to be done.  One of those is to get the old stacking washer/dryer that died up to the garage, and find someone who wants to take it away for scrap.  I probably will post that on Craigslist.  I am sure someone will take it off my hands.

No matter what happens, we are moving in June.  I cannot afford this place anymore.  And most likely we will be moving into a smaller place (2bdrms, rather than 3), and I do not want to have to store anything in a storage unit.  If I am not using it daily, or it is not a "must" save (ie: pictures for family history/memories), it must go.  I just recently chucked my high school year books, and a bunch of memorabilia from my teen years. Why did I carry that stuff around with me for so many years???  There were certain small things I saved, that could be easily added to the container where I am keeping all photos.  The rest went.  It was a relief.

I am so ready for a simpler life.  Less clutter, smaller living space, just less of everything!

Hope you all have a great day!!


  1. Glad to hear you're going to take a "vacation!" With that to look forward to, it also helps keep you working on the sorting and decluttering, don't you think? The goal could be to have it all done before you leave. At least, that's what I need to sometimes get me in gear!

  2. Going to be in my Neck of The Woods for a week? I hope the weather improves for you! Last couple of days it has been damp and cold! With temps in the 50's and at night, dropping onto the 30's! You will need that winter coat!

  3. Oh I would love to at least get the garage sorted out before I leave Mama Pea:) Here's hoping!

  4. That's balmy Tom, compared to the below freezing temps we have had here lately. It only just warmed up back into the 40's this week...last week was single digits and below zero at night.

    1. have a safe trip.even tho i hated it in the south,thats just because i'm a one state woman,MN--lol

  5. Good luck Stephanie!
    I hope you will have a wonderful trip!
    It's crazy how the air lines charge for luggage. However, I'm married to an aero space engineer and he tells me that the air lines don't make any profit on most small domestic flights. They actually lose money on them...The ticket prices don't cover the fuel prices..I know, it is still crazy that they have to charge 25 dollars for luggage..There are other things they can cut back on instead, like the pilots' salary or something..

    Keep us posted on how it goes..I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip..Don't forget to take pictures..


  6. Thanks Jo, I am very excited:) I agree I think it is outrageous, but what can you do...I can't run around NC naked for a week lol. I will definitely take lots of pictures!