February 27, 2012


Everyone is asking me if I am nervous about flying today, since I have never flown before. Not really is my response.  My biggest fear is missing my connecting flight in Atlanta.  I found out yesterday that I will have to go from the end of one concourse, to the middle, then down one floor (or is it up one floor?), to get to my gate for my flight to Raleigh.

My parents, who have lots of flying experience, told me the first thing to do as I get off the plane is to look for a skycap.  They can use one of their golf cart things to get me where I need to go, quicker than I can walk.  Or, my mother suggested the moving sidewalk if they have one.  I am sure it will be fine.

The flying part though...not worried a bit.  I have a book to read for the 3 hrs down to Atlanta, and then the hour to Raleigh.

The bags are all packed...I think I remembered everything, including a good stock of Smarties...yep other than coffee and cigarettes, gotta have my Smarties lol.  Off to start the truck in a few minutes.

Next post will be from NC:)

Have a great Monday!!


  1. have a good flight,and have some fun while your down there

  2. If you read this before you go. When you get off the plane. Stop look around to get an idea were you are. To get your bearings. Please read the signs they have posted. Sounds stupid but many folks don't. Don't be shy ask any airline employee for help in getting to your next gate.

    Atlanta is a big airport. Wait until you get to your gate to use the rest room. saves time and helps with sense of direction.

    You will do just fine. All of this seems strange, but it comes from experience. Used to fly a lot back in the day, but don't any more. I used to work for a couple of airlines.

  3. Good luck and enjoy your trip! I keep trying to comment on your posts but for some reason blogger will only show me the top half of the word verification and won't scroll down to show the box to enter it. WHATEVER!!! In any event, I'm STILL READING and still keeping you and your family in my prayers! :)

  4. Wishing you the most wonderful trip in all ways! Looking forward to you keeping us updated of your adventures. Have fun!

    P.S. Hate to show my ignorance, but what are "Smarties?"