February 8, 2012

Playing Hooky...AKA: Field Trip!

Today the 16 year old is playing hooky from school.  If he were homeschooling (like I want), it would be considered a field trip.  But I don't think the local high school will accept that as a legitimate excuse for staying home.

So where are we going?  To watch this of course:


I wish I could embed it, but haven't figured that out, for our local news.  This is a huge thing around here!  It's the equivalent of the Old Man of the Mountain falling down.  This is a landmark for anyone who lives in NH or ME, near the coast.

We are also going laptop shopping.  I know which one I want to get, I just need to find a store that actually has 2 of the particular model I want.  I promised the 16 year old one for his birthday back in November, but had to wait for taxes to come in.  I am getting two because the desktop that we use now for both boys is ready to croak on me.  I need a computer for Tom to use for school work, so although he isn't 16 for 2 more years, he actually is getting a laptop before then.  Laptops for sweet 16?? Yep...my daughter, who loves to write, got one for her 16th, so it's sort of become a tradition.  

Yes, it's a little bit of a splurge, but all the bills have been paid out of taxes.  The truck, the utilities, rent, etc.  I will still have some money tucked away for emergencies.  And we make computers last.  The desktop that the boys are using now, is almost 10 yrs old.  Definitely time for an upgrade, especially since I get 99.9% of our homeschooling stuff online for free.  It will also resolve the issue of two kids trying to use one computer.

I also spent a touch of my tax return on myself, that will reap tons of benefits in the future: All American 21 1/2 quart pressure canner. 

Amazon has them on sale for over $150 off the normal price right now.  I am so excited!!!

Hope you all have a super day!


  1. Have fun. Good price on pressure canner.

  2. What a great investment on the pressure canner!

  3. Yay, pressure canner! I got mine last year (the year of my non-gardening) so haven't used it yet but look forward to doing so. You sure do a good job of making the money you have go a long way. You're living proof that it may be hard, but living on a limited income can be done. You go, Girl!

  4. wow -2 lap tops but if you need them ,you need them ,my grandson just pawned off his -he bought it from the pawn shop with his own money [ he works at the movie theater ] I wanted to get it off pawn so I could take it with to the VA,never got around to it and by now its probably to late ,but what a waste.Can't wait to see what you cook up in that new baby.

  5. Thanks Mama Pea!! I sure try:)
    I am so excited about the pressure canner, I am already pulling recipes offline to store away for when I can use it!

  6. Thanks John and Carolyn! I couldn't believe the price had come down so much, and yes, I will get a LOT of use out of it.

  7. Yeah, sadly we do need them Judy lol. But, they will do the boys well into their 20's, when they can buy their own. That is one thing that if I go off grid like I want, I will never give up...my internet! :)