February 21, 2012

Praying for a Quiet Day

I had great intentions yesterday.  The boys were spending an extra day at their father's, so my plan was to get some much neglected cleaning done.

I had laundry going, dishes done, and 2 loaves of banana bread made and in the oven when my daughter showed up at 9:30 am.  She has been staying at her boyfriend's a bit south of us since her seasonal job back in November.  She wanted to come home for a few days and decompress.  Her boyfriend's house is extremely small, and a very active 4 year old lives there, who is obsessed with her.  Our house is the complete opposite...chaos is a bad word here lol.

While cleaning the bathroom about 11:30, two things happened at the same time.  I had sprayed the tub with cleaner and had just wiped it down, but forgot the cup that I use to rinse it, so was headed out to the kitchen.  The kitten was being a royal pain, and I didn't want him to get into the bathroom until I was done.  As I walked out, I pulled the door closed.  Now this might not be a problem for most people, but our bathroom door will not open from the outside.  Hasn't for a couple months.  The knob just spins.  It was one of those moments that, just before I heard the "click" of the mechanism catching, inside my brain was screaming STOP!  Apparently I didn't get the message.

At the same time, my phone was going off. I had left it on the dining room table, and had to dig it out from under the stuff my daughter dumped there.  It was my younger brother.  The ambulance was at my parent's house again, and they were taking my dad down to the hospital again.  The bathroom door issue would have to wait.

My daughter and I raced down to my parent's house, and the ambulance was just getting ready to head out.  I have designated myself my mother's transportation both times, so we waited for her to get her coat and such.  My brother filled me in: Dad had another seizure.  Thankfully not as severe as the one on Saturday.  He felt it coming, and said "no, not again"...and started fighting it, forcing his head to the left, even though the seizure was trying to force it to the right.  He had only been home about 1/2 hour from his appointment with the oncologist.  He was due for his Dilantin, so my mother got that into him, which seemed to slow it down.  By the time the ambulance took him, he was completely out of the seizure.

We got to the hospital and they let my mom back fairly quickly.  They ran blood work to check the level of the meds in his system.  They came back within range, but the doctor there said there is a bit of wiggle room to increase the Dilantin if needed, to help prevent the seizures better.  He was allowed to go home about 1:30.

After waiting at my mother's for the boys to come home, we headed back to the house.  I was sitting, looking at my "to do" list I had made that morning, and figured there wasn't much I could mark off, but was pleasantly surprised.  I had gotten a lot more done that morning before the hospital, than I had thought.

One thing that really has me lifted in spirit is my father's attitude.  He is joking, and keeps reminding us that he will be fighting this with all he has.  But it has us concerned that he is having so many seizures in such a short time.

He will see the radiologist this morning, and they will start radiation asap, probably tomorrow.  I have made myself and my vehicle available to my parents for trips to the treatments and anything else they need.  Radiation treatment is done at a hospital over 1/2 hour away from our town.  When you have to do that multiple times a week, it gets exhausting.  And we are watching my mom closely, for any signs that she is having heart issues, or anything else.  Last year she had to have a stent put in, and I am sure the stress of this is not helping her health.  And she is the type, she will not say anything.

And what happened to the bathroom door?  My brother was going to come up, apparently he is a pro at getting them open with a driver's license.  I got home, and using my Kmart rewards card, was able to jimmy it open myself.  I was so glad.  So was my 16yo, who stood by with his legs crossed, supervising.

So today I am praying for a quiet day.  No seizures, no running to the hospital. Just a normal day.  I think they are going to be few and far apart in the next few months.  Other than my trip to NC next week, all plans I have in my head are on hold.  We can't plan too much ahead because we don't know what the next few months will bring.  That is hard for a control freak like me, but the most important thing is my parent's right now.  And they have always put themselves last for us kids, now it's our turn to repay the favor.


  1. Con I come to your house to decompress? jk-I'm getting use to all the screaming kids around here ,most of the time,I hope I can be such a trooper as you are with your mom and dad when my turn comes. the oncologist said she is gonna try something other than chemo next week,I wonder if it could be radiation. hang in there

  2. Sending hopes and prayers to you for a "normal" day. Through all of this, please remember that when you can you need to take care of yourself also. I'm thinking your dad's seizures will be much better controlled when they get his medication regulated correctly. And bless him for his continued good humor and attitude. Hugs.

  3. Thanks Judy, and yes, you can come decompress any time:) Praying for you and your husband.

  4. Thank you Mama Pea:) I am trying to take care of myself, but know it will get harder as we progress. I think the trip to NC will help a lot, to get away from the situation just for a bit before we get any further. Recharge my batteries so to speak.

  5. Stephanie, hang in there things will work out. Also I just wanted to say thank you again for your words of encouragement to me. I will be thinking about you and praying that your parents health improves.

  6. Thank you Rob...day by day, that is all we can do.