February 1, 2012

The Truck :)

TA DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got it today!! Yes, I am a bit excited lol!

Now, like any older vehicle, it has a few quirks....one being that the piston to hold the back open isn't working.  So as a temporary fix until I pick up the new piston, I will be using a pair of vice grips as a back up to the stick that is in the back to hold it open. Yes we are very high tech here lol.

The tires on it are nearly new, so my brand new tires off the old one are sitting in the garage, just waiting for when I do need them.  I have already driven it around town a bit today, and it is fabulous!

Thanks to everyone who said prayers for me to find a new vehicle when it was obvious the old one wasn't worth fixing.  :)


  1. So glad you're happy with your decision, Stephanie!

  2. Hey, What a BUTE!
    I know what you mean! when I was a "CITY DWELLER" I wanted a pick-up so bad! And when I moved to the Homestead 4 years ago, not only did I want one, I HAD TO HAVE ONE! And two years ago I got it! A 2009 (used), Black ( is there any other color for a pick-up? I THINK NOT!), full sized F-150!
    I love my TRUCK! And if that makes me a "RED NECK", So be it!
    I love driving it, Cleaning it and hauling CRAP in it! Really, I do it all the time!
    Yours is kind of "GIRLY", But that's what you are, right? And it works for you! (I love the "VICE-GRIPS" thing!).
    Enjoy driving it, my friend!

  3. Thanks Mama Pea....it wasn't an easy one. I really loved that other truck! But after my brother tore into it a bit more, it really wasn't worth keeping.

  4. LOL you are a riot Tom! One of the reasons I wanted a larger vehicle is the fact that I can haul stuff in it...you can't in a little Neon lol.

  5. We have been using a paint pole to hold up the rear door on our jeep for years! Paint pole is cheaper and is adjustable. You will use it like a pick-up. Enjoy.

  6. Sounds like us with the Neon John lol. We use a scraper brush to hold the hood open:)