February 12, 2012


I have been so spoiled with our mild winter this year.  Today's high, about 15...add in windchill....about 3.  Makes for a very cold adventure when you have 3+ weeks of trash to get to the dump.  But we did get it done!  Two loads of actual trash, and then one load of recyclables, books to put in the book shed, and 2 bags of clothes to donate, and we are done.  For today:)  I still have more to get rid of before we move in June when our lease is up, but it was a good productive morning.

Thankfully the rest of the day will be spent on indoor things.  I need to add some more stuff to the boy's laptops (if I can get them off them long enough to let me lol).  Especially Tom's schoolwork.  He won't be able to do his journaling or a few other things this week if I don't get those files on there. They are both absolutely in heaven with computers that don't lock up or die on them.  And I am lucky, that while my youngest likes to play games on the computer, they are both passionate about their interests, and in no time, their bookmarks will be full of articles on sailing, hiking, wolves, bears, and other such fun stuff.  I love my geeky kids!

We are still having a little bit of an issue with fleas on the kitten, but not nearly as badly as before.  I have been religiously vacuuming the rugs every day, and the furniture every other day.  The best treatment for the kitten seems to be the Zodiac flea collar I put on him, and a dunk in a full sink of warm water once a week.  Slowly they are drowning lol.  It's a bit funny as I put him in the water to see them running up towards his neck for safety, only to hit the flea collar and stop dead in their tracks.  I make sure to get his chest under water too, and work the fleas off as they drown.  It seems the safest way right now to take care of them, as he is only a bit over 2 months old, and too many chemicals will make him sick.  Eventually we will get them all muahaha.

The rest of my day will be spent puttering on computer things, finishing up laundry (or trying to get caught up, it's been a losing battle for over a week), and working on the afghan I am being paid for.  Lots of progress on that, I am about half way done.  Then I can get back to making my rug.

And for those of you who like BBC shows, especially period pieces, there is a great series I found about this past week from a friend online.  It is called Lark Rise to Candleford.  It is available on DVD from Netflix, but we only have a streaming subscription.  I guess it is also available on PBS, but you have to live in the region of the station that carries it, to watch it online, and I don't.  But resourceful me found it on YouTube:)  You can watch it here.  I really am loving it.  Nice simple, wholesome show to watch while I crochet at night.

Stay warm!


  1. I still think if you just vacuumed the kitten-LOL!

    Wish I could watch shows/etc on the computer. We have the SSSSLLLOOOWWWEEESSSTTT internet on the planet here. Sigh!

  2. As I write this 5 of us are on computer/lap top. toss in phones and such. When things go wrong we will be in trouble for sure. We have not even started doing the wash yet. Currently 47 here in Florida just outside of Disney World. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  3. LOL the thought about vacuuming the kitten crossed my mind Sue, but I think even the little shop vac would be too much! :)
    I love being able to watch tv when I want, not when it's convenient for the networks.

  4. Wow Rob, that is chilly for FL! Hope you all stay warm. We are the same here, currently all 3 of us on laptops:)

  5. OH, "Lark Rise to Candleford" is a FABULOUS show...I can watch that and just love the stories, the setting etc. It's definitely a show that's worth your time :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  6. Yes I am on season 2 now Heather and I love it!