March 17, 2012

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Yesterday was a long day, but a blessed one.  We got my dad to the hospital at 6am, after we all only got about 1/2 hour of sleep the night before.  They got him set up in the preop area, with his iv and all that good stuff.  They told us they planned for 7 hours of surgery, which shocked us all, but it is what it is.

G-d was watching over all of us, especially my father.  Your prayers were a such a blessing!  After just 3 hours, they were done.  They said he did fabulous during the surgery.  They were able to get the entire tumor out, without any issues.  The doctor said that the oncology radiologist may want to do some targeted radiation at the tumor bed, but that is something that will be decided down the road.  Old school thinking was to immediately do chemo and whole brain radiation, but they found that is not effective, and actually causes more issues, like dementia.  So they tend to wait, do lots of scans of the brain to watch for more tumors, and deal with any if they pop up.

We were all completely exhausted last night, and couldn't wait to get some real sleep.  Especially my mom.  Dad was pretty coherent yesterday before we left, despite the effects of the anesthesia and the morphine for pain.  We noticed a huge improvement in his speech right away.  No more struggling to find words, and his train of thought was not broken.  That is a huge thing.

He didn't realize how amazing this is yet, he was too loopy, but we are hoping that today he will better understand just how blessed he is, once he is more with it.  They will do an MRI today to make sure there is no residual bleeding or anything, and then later move him from ICU to a surgical floor for the rest of his stay.  They will also get him out of bed, make him sit up, and start getting on the mend.

I told him yesterday he has the luck of the Irish on his side (we are 1/2 Irish lol).  First he beat stage 4 small cell carcinoma (only 20% do), now he is going to beat the tumor in his head, caused by that cancer.  I am so blessed to have a father willing to fight for all he is worth, and family and friends to support all of us.

Have a blessed day!!! And THANK YOU for all of your prayers!!!!


  1. Oh, Stephanie, what wonderful news to share today! What a huge relief you must feel. Now all of you need to concentrate on getting some good rest so you remain strong and can help your dad in his rehab from this huge bump in the road. A great gift for St. Patrick's Day! (Could he have a sip of green beer??) ;o}

  2. Glad to hear that all went exceptionally well! Positive thoughts for healing are still winging your way.

  3. We will continue to send prayers as his recovery continues.

  4. So happy for you and your folks. Rest well today

  5. Such wonderful news..enjoy a restful day.

  6. Thanks for sharing your awful but good outcome with your dad.MORE PRAYERS AND HUGS IF YOU NEED THEM,GET SOME REST

  7. Stephanie that's wonderful news. It's a blessing for us all!