March 13, 2012

Dear Craigslist Dude

Dear Craigslist Dude,
When you are offered something for free, here are two tips I highly recommend you take into consideration:
(1) If you say you are going to be to someone's house at a certain time, be on time.  Do not show up an hour late.
(2) Do NOT, as you are carrying out said free item, scope out the rest of the home owner's things, asking if there is something else you can take.  No my children's bikes that are less than a year old, and paid for with their own money, are not up for grabs.  Neither is the landlord's old truck sitting outside, or my son's pride and joy...his canoe he built with his own hands.
This is extremely rude and creepy.  I do have your phone number saved in the email you initially sent me, and I wrote your license plate number down.  If anything goes missing you will be the first person I will mention to the police.
Creeped out home owner

Yep, the Craigslist dude showed up yesterday with his buddy.  And yes, it was that creepy.  The stacking washer/dryer is gone, but not without some heebie jeebies in the process.  I felt badly for one of the guys, as he cut his knee pretty badly while trying to bring the set out of the basement, but lost that empathy when they both started asking if there was anything else they could take off my hands.  
Them: "What about that truck?"  
Me: "No, I don't think the landlord would appreciate you taking that".  
Them: "Well, if you are leaving on bad terms it won't matter".  
Me: "Uh, not leaving on bad terms, and yes it would matter, I don't feel like going to jail for theft thank you".
Them: "What about that stack of tires?"
Me: "Those are for my truck, no thanks".

By this time, they were really pushing their luck and I got rid of them as quickly as possible.  I understand they make extra cash picking up scrap appliances, and they did me a favor taking it away....but come on!  I may be putting a warning post on Craigslist about these two, just a head's up sort of thing, so that no one else has to be creeped out.  They didn't do anything "wrong" legally, but just felt super weird.  Thankfully the boys were here with me.  

On to more news....Today will be spent puttering around the house.  It needs a good pickup, since I have been busy with the garage and basement.  I got the rug out of the livingroom last night with the boy's help, and will be working on steam cleaning that for my mother today.

We did another small trip to the dump yesterday, and had to laugh at the guy who works there.  I think he must think I am getting rid of everything I own, since I have made 3 trips to drop stuff off, in 3 days.  Our dump is only open Friday through Monday, so I have to do the trips when they will be open.  In this decluttering and cleaning out, that means multiple trips.  I will be making a trip to Salvation Army on Thursday to drop off a load, when I take my 14yo to his grandmother's for the weekend.

She has been kind enough to take him for the weekend and a few days after, so that I can be 100% available for my mom and dad for the surgery.  I really appreciate this, and despite her son and I getting divorced, and some annoying things she does, she has always been there for me and the kids.

I did get some bad news last night sadly.  My cousin called to get an update on dad, and told me that my other cousin's husband killed himself Saturday.  We don't know the "why", and I don't want to know.  Their 16yo daughter is not only my kid's cousin (three times removed or something), but she is also one of my son Joe's best friends.  My heart breaks for her and my cousin, as they deal with this.

I also found out through Facebook last night that an older member of our little town passed away last night.  He was in his 90's, and had been ill on and off for the last year.  I personally didn't know him well, but my father did.  I don't know if we will tell him about it this week, or wait until he is through the surgery.

Speaking of surgery, today I have to go to my parent's and watch an online video about it with my mom.  Technically my dad is supposed to watch it too, but he's not really up to it.  Mom will explain it to him. As she said, Friday can't come soon enough.  He is struggling with words a lot more, and getting frustrated more.  He also is admitting to feeling numbness in his right side, especially his foot.  We have noticed that he is dragging that foot as he walks.  This is all due to the tumor and the pressure it is putting on that side of the brain.  We also think it is growing.  My prayer is that they can still get it all, and he will make a great recovery. The neurosurgeon believes this will be the case, so we need to trust that.

Trying to keep myself busy this week, to try and make it go by faster isn't really working, but I am getting a lot done in the process lol. Just have to take things one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time.

Have a great day!


  1. I would so warn everyone about these guys. May I suggest that you contact Crag's List first. If I remember someone else did that, (I don't remember all the details) and was sued. My best advice...C Y A

  2. I sell and buy many things on Craig's list. At first I would hold the items to only find that is what they ask for when trying to get you off the phone. I no longer hold anything anymore and tell people first with cash takes it.
    Second, trying to buy from Craig's list is something in it's self. I do not know why people put a add on there and not answer their phone. If the item is gone, them take the add down. It is hard to get people to call you back even when you leave a message.
    Those reasons are why we decided to open the Mini Farm for one weekend a month. We put the add up, plan to stay at home all weekend and that's that. If they call and want to come out earlier then that is fine if we are home. If not I tell them to come during open hours.
    I hate to be that way but they did it to me. Really, only repeat customers get a scheduled appointment.
    Sorry to hear about your family matters. I had a uncle do that last year. He was dieing of cancer and decided not to burden his family with it anymore. Sad deal.

  3. Your experience with the two guys who came to get your washer and dryer was unfortunate. Sadly, we have to think about these things when we offer something for sale or for free. You never know who is going to show up at your door. I guess the best thing we can do is remain strong and confident (as you did) in their presence . . . and take their license plate number!

    Sorry to hear of the death in your family. It's a scary thing to realize that this type of incident is happening more and more. People feel so powerless and unable to face the demands of today's world.

    Your plan to keep busy and not dwell on your dad's upcoming operation is a good one. As you say, it's enabling you to get oodles done so that you're ready for what comes in the way of a move for you. (Isn't it amazing all the stuff we really don't need when we look at it realistically?)

  4. That is a great idea about the open weekend MDR. Will keep that in mind.

  5. Yes, Mama Pea, and then these same people will sit scratching their heads when no one will offer them anything anymore.

    You are right about looking at things's amazing what I thought was important two years ago, just isn't worth much to me. I am so glad to be doing this!! Although I do wish it was under better circumstances, but hey, it's my dad's strength that keeps me going:)

  6. Good morning, Darlin'~

    CREEPY, I'd say! You can't be too careful these days. I'm glad all they did was ask about stuff.

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I will be praying for you and your family!

    Blessings and ((((hugs))))~