March 23, 2012

Friday, Friday

It is Friday already.  In many ways this week since dad's surgery has flown by, and in others it has dragged slowly along.  But, fingers crossed, knock on wood, I will be getting things done around the house today.  That was my plan yesterday, but all I managed to get done is the dishes, and some school work for the kid.

Where are my fairies when I need them?  You know, the laundry fairy, the dusting fairy, the bathroom fairy....I think they all went on vacation and forgot to tell me lol.

I am a bit sad today.  We have been enjoying the early summer weather all week....80's during the day, and 50's at night.  By Monday, we will be back to more normal temps of 40's during the day and 20's at night.  It was so nice to have the heat turned off this week (saving what gas I have in the tank), and smelling the fresh air flowing through the windows all day long.  Oh well, hopefully this cool down will only last a few days, and then we can get the warmer weather back.  I know we need rain desperately, and they are saying we will see a little bit Sunday night.  Not enough really, considering how dry it is out, but every bit helps.

Leaving you with a funny for Friday:

Watch your kids....this is a "growing" problem lol.


  1. This week (as they all seem to) zoomed by for me. Yup, it is Friday again. Our temps are due to plummet next week also. Guess I won't pack away the turtlenecks quite yet. We got rain all day Thursday and now it's been coming down all night and continues so far this morning. We need it so badly as you do. I'll see if I can send it your way when it's done here! Have a great weekend, Stephanie!

  2. that was a cute funny,hang here ,spring will be here to stay shortly

  3. I will be happy to send you some of my rain. I need to get to work myself but it is hard to do it when I am ankle deep in mud.

  4. And if you don't wear out those fairies, could you please send the my way?

  5. Yes, you're right. Be on the lookout for that terrible "growing" problem! I would be happy to be a fairy for you if I lived closer...

    I want you to know I am reading your blog everyday you post, but for some reason I can't comment on your blog (yours is the only one!) I sure try everyday though...hoping today is the winner....

  6. Mama Tea, looks like today was the magic day:)