March 10, 2012

It Comes In Waves

What is it about family members and illness?  It comes in waves, I think.  No one is sick for a long time, and then bam, all at once several are.  While we are biding our time till Friday when dad has his surgery for his tumor, my mother got a very weird phone call last night from my aunt in CT.

She has been having serious issues for over a year, suddenly falling for no reason.  Testing isn't showing a cause, despite the doctor's best guesses.  Well they have her on a new medication, and apparently it makes her extremely wonky.  She called my mother last night, thought she had called someone else, but let my mother know that my uncle (my mother's older brother), was being taken by ambulance to the hospital, and that he had blacked out.

He had heart problems a few years ago, but after 3 stents were put in, he has been doing great.  From what we gather today from my aunt, he is in complete kidney failure.  With all the doctor's appointments he has, all the blood work and other testing they do, how do they miss that???  So, we are waiting for word from my aunt, to find out what is going to be done, if anything can be.

My poor mother can't take much more bad news :/  She is exhausted as it is, and this just adds to her stress level.  She can't go to CT, because of dad being so sick, and having surgery on Friday.  So all she can do is sit and wait for a phone call.  She lost her other older brother back in '96.  Now it is just this brother, my mother, and her sister.  She lost her mom last year.  Now my dad is sick.  Sigh.

Please keep my mom in prayer, this is really throwing her for a loop.

On a side note, Craigslist is my friend! :)  I posted the old stacking washer/dryer for free yesterday, and have 10 people that want it.  One is willing to help us get it from the basement, so he will probably be my first choice.  That bugger is heavy.  That will be one less thing I need to deal with.  I also listed my stand mixer for $50, but no takers yet.  It's not a Kitchen Aid, but still a good one.  Hopefully someone will snag it.

We also got Joe's canoe out of the garage yesterday and under a tarp.  We did the trash to the dump this afternoon.  So after some web time, I will be heading out there to putter and work on cleaning up.  I have a few totes out there, that we used to put sand in last winter for the driveway.  Those are now empty, and after I get them washed out, can be used to store stuff, along with boxes.

Next weekend will be spent mostly with my mother, either at the hospital, or at her house.  She wants to get her bedroom re-spackled and painted before dad comes home from the hospital the following week.  Going to be crazy around here.

Oh I finished the afghan that I was getting paid to make for a friend.  I will get a picture up hopefully tomorrow of the completed project.

What are your plans for the coming week?


  1. can't wait to see the afghan,and I know how you feel.I knew ,coming from a huge family the loss is just unbearable sometimes and so many times ,death comes in 3's in our family,it really does. good luck with getting rid of stuff, prayers for your mom ,starting right now.(and for you,don't you get ill)

  2. Good luck this week and stay strong for your Mom and Dad.

  3. Just getting caught up on all your adventures and news. Even though it didn't work out with that particular house, I think something even better will. Your family really needs you now anyway, so, everything in it's proper time.

  4. Yes, the illnesses and problems do seem to come in waves. I suppose with your mom's siblings it has something to do with age, but nonetheless, it's never a pleasant thing to face.

    It's good that you're keeping moving ahead with your own projects at this time, Stephanie. Keeps some semblance of normalcy in your life and perhaps helps a little to keep you from worrying about your parents so much.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  5. Yes, it is related to age Mama Pea, he is in his 70's. But it's always a shock when it comes out of the blue.

    I am trying to keep myself especially busy this week, to make the week go by faster, so that it doesn't seem to drag for Friday's surgery for dad. Unfortunately I cannot shut my brain off, and it is causing a serious lack of sleep. But things will hopefully settle down soon.

    Thank you for the prayers!!