March 9, 2012

Must Haves

So, in my need to get rid of stuff, either for our move south in the summer, or even to a smaller apartment here in NH temporarily, I am really looking at every single thing in this house critically.  My main thought is this: "Is it necessary for daily living"?  I also want to be able to use the smallest possible Uhaul truck to move with, saving money on that front.

With that in mind, here are some first impressions:

-Sofas.  We have two in the living room.  One large, super comfy one, given to use by my mother's neighbor last year.  While I like it, it is not a must need item.  The springs are starting to go in it, making it necessary to put a board under the cushions.  The other one, given to me about 4 years ago as a birthday present from my parents, is a love seat with a double bed sleeper in it.  This needs to be cleaned, and one spot on the arm needs to be fixed (thanks to the kids rough housing and breaking it), but ideally, this is the more practical one to keep.  The fact that it is a sleep sofa is a huge thing.  That means more options, in a smaller space.  So the bigger couch will go away.  I am hoping to get someone to take it from Craigslist.  If that doesn't work, it will go out on the front lawn with a free sign.

-Washer/Dryer: My stacking washer/dryer set is sitting in the basement, not having been used since last February when the dryer died.  Once we get a spot in the garage to put it (it will take several of us to drag it up the stairs from the basement), it will be put up on Craigslist for free scrap metal.  There are plenty of people in the area that will take it for free.  As for my current set, I have decided that I don't need them either.  I can wash my clothes the old fashioned way, and actually would prefer to, especially moving south.  The washer doesn't drain well in the spin cycle, and the dryer takes nearly 2 cycles to dry clothes.  I bought these from my former co-worker, and think I got the short end of the stick on the deal, considering how they work.  But, I thought I needed something at the time.  So these will also go on Craigslist, probably for less than $100, since they do still work.  Any bit of cash to go towards the moving fund will be a blessing.

-Kitchen: I have already cleaned out and gotten rid of most of what I didn't need in the kitchen (tupperware type stuff, old pans, electric can opener, etc).  I still need to list the stand mixer on Craigslist.  I thought I would use it more, when I bought it 2 years ago, but honestly, I prefer my hand mixer for things like mashed potatoes, and hand mixing for my bread dough.  There is something therapeutic about the feel of bread dough in your fingers.  I will also be getting rid of my electric griddle, hot plate, etc.  I want to have as few electric appliances as possible.

-Bedrooms: We only need our beds and bureaus.  One for each person.  I do have one spare bureau, that is probably from the 40's, solid wood, great shape.  I use this in the living room for the tv, and store the dvd's and video game stuff in the drawers.  I won't give that one up.  The bookcases the boys have in their closet are old, and have been repaired numerous times.  They were inexpensive ones that I bought at Walmart almost 5 years ago, made mostly of particle board.  They, along with some other miscellaneous bookcases around the house in bad shape will all be taken apart and put on my parent's burn pile at their house.  When we get settled, I will build our new bookcases from solid wood. No more particle board for me.

-Outdoor stuff: The only things we must keep are the lawnmower, the boys bikes, the lawn tools (rakes, shovels, etc), and Joe's canoe.  The rest will be going away.  Somehow we collect so much in that garage.  I guess it is the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.

So, this gives you an idea of what I am working towards.  Ideally I would love to be able to fit everything we need into a 19ft truck, with additional small stuff (tv, laptops, etc) in the back of my truck.  I don't know if we will be able to do it, but that is my goal.  When we moved into this house, it took a 26ft truck and we had it filled to the brim.  Simplify is my motto!!!

Our big mission today, and this weekend, will be to go to the dump, getting rid of 2 weeks of regular trash in the garage, and start to get rid of the rest of the junk out there.  I need room to work, and right now we don't have it.  I may  buy a tarp, so that we can get Joe's canoe out of there and put it out behind the house.  This takes up a lot of room, and even temporarily, would make it so much easier.  I am going to call both the Salvation Army and Goodwill today, to see if either of them will travel here to do a pickup.  They may not, we are just far enough out of their area, they might refuse.  But it's worth a try and would save me so much time and gas, in removing everything we don't need.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I have always loved that one big couch of your,never got around to saying it,but you are[ i was 37 ] much wiser than i was at your age-well,lets see,1987 when we moved to KY for a short 7 months [did not work out] i spent $2000.00 on the move-ridiculous [ wish i had my dads house i bought from the estate back, ya ,i still have night mares of selling my house that my dad built-long long story-everyone told me not to put my eggs all in one basket-i did not listen but if things had been different than all the events since than would not have happened [grand kids etc.]its a good thing you have a good head on your shoulder

  2. I am a lot wiser than I was even 10 yrs ago Judy. Stuff doesn't matter to me anymore. My family was always the most important thing, but this itch to be in a place of my own, to never have to move again, and be as self-sufficient as I can be, is just too strong to ignore, and I am determined to get there.

  3. One of your strongest personal assets is that you always keep thinking, planning, re-evaluating and looking ahead. I think this alone will no doubt get you that dream of a homestead, a place of your own, that you've been working toward for so long. You are woman, I hear you ROAR!

  4. LOL it's called "control freak" Mama Pea! I cannot stand to not know what is going to happen next, so I control what I can :P