March 29, 2012

The Terror On Four Legs

Awww, he looks so cute doesn't he?  But much like a rambunctious toddler, he is only cute while sleeping.  When he is awake, he is hell on wheels.  I back up everything I say with facts:

Fact #1: No matter how much our older cat, Mika, pounds the crud out of him, he WILL NOT leave her alone.  She has taken to spending most of her time outside just to get a break from him.

Fact #2: I cannot leave him alone in the house without finding that he has gotten into something while I am gone.  It could be dragging random socks the kids leave lying around into the kitchen (and lately putting them into his water dish....what's up with that??), or stealing things off my dining room table (I am ALWAYS missing my dry erase marker).

Fact #3: He is a pen, pencil and marker thief!  I can be in the middle of writing something and he will try to swipe the writing utensil right out of my hands.  I cannot keep them on my desk, or anywhere else for that matter, he will get them.

Fact #4: He is the loudest cat I have ever met.  He constantly cries, almost like he is trying to carry on a conversation with you.  But, it comes off as whining, which is annoying beyond belief.  And like a smart alec teen, he has "last worditis"....when you tell him to be quiet, he always has to throw one more really whiny meow out there.

Fact #5: I will NOT let him sleep with me, like I used to do with Tater.  He cannot just curl up on the bed and go to sleep.  He insists on licking you, trying to sleep on your face (ie: can't breathe), or in his latest quest, attack the air freshener on my desk that spritzes out a spray every 30 minutes or so.  He nearly broke it the other day, knocking it off my desk.  So, he gets left in the livingroom and I shut my door every night.  If I didn't, I wouldn't get any sleep.

Fact #6: He is eating me out of house and home.  He loves people food, and we have to shoo him every time we sit down to eat.  I buy my cat food in 25# bags.  I was buying one every two months, which easily fed Mika.  I will be buying one a month now, since he cleans out a bowl of food in the blink of an eye.  I have cut back on how much I put in the bowl, putting down only 1/2 a bowl in the morning, and then 1/2 a bowl again in the evening.  I know he is not as hungry as he claims to be.

Fact #6: He loves the boys.  At any given moment during the day, I can walk into the living room and find him snuggling with one of them.

Fact #7: I cannot crochet with him wanting to snuggle.  He has developed a love for yarn, and will attack and try to chew it.  The other day I tore a project apart that wasn't working out, so had a pile of loose yarn sitting there.  I wasn't able to wind it into a ball until later that night, and by then, he had attacked it several times, causing it to be full of knots.

Fact #8:  He knows the word "NO" very well, and in the flash of a moment, will listen when I am hollering it....but it lasts for just that flash of a moment. Then he is back to trying to get into whatever he can find.

Fact #9:  Despite numerous baths to get rid of fleas, he seems not too afraid of water.  I tried a spray bottle to stop him from crying all the time, and it doesn't phase him.  He plays in the tub and sink.

Fact #10:  If any animal could drive me completely over the edge of insanity.....He will do it.  But darn, he is so cute when he is asleep lol.

Just a side note too: this was taken a couple months ago....he is huge now, but will not sit still long enough for a picture :)


  1. fact #2 sounds just like my grandson,what a little dickens he is growing into 14 months old-hes wandered in the bath cus someone left the door open,mom finds him,he looks at her,pulls his pacy out of his mouth,looks at the toilet than at mom again,big grim,wham,right into the toilet,funnier in get out

  2. Just think of him as another child. That's how we treat our 3. Come home from the store and they are looking for their treat, moist food. As i write this all 3 boys are here in the kitchen sleeping in some kind of small box, happy as a clam.

  3. Cheese (RIP) used to take the pen/cils out of my hand every time I would write something and Evil Kitty (who is still very alive and still very evil) puts her fuzzy toys in the water dish. NOT the plastic balls or bells, just the toys that will soak up water. Like you said; what's up with that???

  4. LOL, my little teen kitties are the same - and they pair up together, too! But, yeah, they're sooooo cute. :^)

  5. Hey, Stephanie! I need you to send me your mailing address. You won the three quilting patterns I gave away this past week but I need your address so I can send them to you. My "E-Mail" connection on my quilting blog is out of commission, but you can click on the "Contact" button on my "A Home Grown Journal" blog and send it to me that way. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Oh cool!!! I forgot to check back and see who you drew at the lucky winner:) Thanks so much!!

  7. LOLOL. Sounds like you got the personality king!