March 28, 2012

Thinking of the South

The cold temps here this week have me dreaming of North Carolina even more.  But also in an effort to be informed about everything, I have been doing my research.  Here are some links I have found, in case anyone is interested....

NC Homeschooling

Snakes of NC - yes, I need to know this since we don't have things like copperheads up north.

Franklin County Farm Fresh - a local organization for small farmers, promoting to buy local. 

NC Future Farmers of America 

NC Department of Motor Vehicles - will need to transfer my license, and vehicle registration.

There are several things about the last link I have learned while I was visiting down there.  
(1) You are required to have at least liability insurance on your vehicle. NH is a state that doesn't require insurance.  Frankly, I am glad of that since I haven't been able to afford it.  But with the lower rents etc in NC, that shouldn't be an issue.
(2) You are required to wear a seatbelt in NC.  Yuck, but I will deal with it.  If I drive out of NH for any reason, in any direction I have to wear one, since all the states around us require it as well.

I still haven't spoken to my parents, but plan to in the next month or so.  I also need to coordinate with my cousin in NC.  It was mentioned to him that I would pay for him to fly up here, and then he would drive our moving truck, and I would follow in my truck.  This would save me a ton of money, but also would mean I wouldn't have to ask my brother to do it.  This would be a huge plus, because at the moment he is getting on my nerves lol.  But, my cousin is also going on vacation sometime in late July.  I would want to move down there before then if it is possible.  

I sure hope my parents take this well.  But frankly, the one I worry about the most is my 16yo son.  I know the first thing he is going to try to do is talk me into letting him stay here in NH.  I am not willing to let him stay here without me.  He could live at my parents, and I know they would offer in a heartbeat.  But, he is my son, and my responsibility.  They do not need another person underfoot, they already have my brother and nephew at their house nearly 99% of the time (even though they have their own home right behind them).

I know my ex will back me up on this, he already gave me the go ahead 2 years ago.  He said "go for it, you have to do what you need to do".  It's not that he won't miss his boys, he will.  But he also knows how hard it is for me to survive up here with everything being so expensive.

Am I scared to move?  Yep.  Not the moving itself, because I know I have family down there if I need anything.  My fear is how my parents and son will take it.  But they will just have to understand.  It's a matter of survival at this point.


  1. Stephanie, I so admire you. Not only are you following your heart, but you're smart enough to be thorough, logical and organized about it.

    As much as your 16 year old son may fight against this, keep in mind that he could very shortly think the move is the best thing that ever happened in his life. (Teenagers are like that!)

    I do so hope your parents love and respect you enough to "let you fly." We parents need to realize that our children are not duplicates of ourselves but are individuals with their own hopes, dreams and goals. They should be very proud that you are a strong woman taking care of herself and her children. Hugs.

  2. Thank you Mama Pea:) I think my parent's won't be happy, but they will deal with it. My 16 yr old...I sure hope you are right!

  3. So glad you have the support of your ex; it would make it really hard if he balked. He always sounds like a great guy when you write about him. Too bad it didn't work between you two! :^)

  4. Thank you Tina:) Yes, I am extremely lucky to have the kid's dad be the person he is.